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Redis for Financial Services

Finance companies of all sizes, from large banks and financial institutions to leading credit card companies and hedge funds or even fintech upstarts and boutique financial services firms depend on Redis. Whether delivering transactions at extreme speeds, customizing and personalizing customer offers, managing risk through fraud detection or making analytics real time, Redis is the high performance database of choice.

Redis for Retail/E-commerce

The competitive world of retail depends heavily on applications that present the right offer to the right demographic at the right time. Redis is a popular choice in the retail industry for numerous high performance use cases such as highly personalized interactions, caching recent views and purchases, inventory and product updates, user session management and analysis, custom pricing, location based recommendations and high speed transaction management.

Redis for Mobile

Mobile applications are now a pervasive source of information and entertainment. Customer acquisition depends on flawless performance and a user experience that anticipates and fulfills consumer wishes in the blink of an eye. Redis is the most popular database choice for architectures that rely on its low latency, fast response times, flexibility of deployment and instant scaling.


Gartner Acknowledges Redis Labs as a Leader

In the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems (ODBMS)


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