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Rediscovery is a remarkable gift: the mind-opening realization that people and things you thought you knew still have the power to surprise you. Rediscover Magazine offers a unique opportunity to explore stories of rediscovery in technology, business, and leadership, plus, of course, the chance to Rediscover Redis—beyond the cache!

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From the editor:

Welcome to the premiere issue of Rediscover Magazine. Inspired by the power of Redis, we’ve created this publication to highlight the concept of “rediscovery”—the idea that even though you may think you know what a person, product, technology, or movement is all about, there’s often much more there than you realize. To help you get started on the road to rediscovery, we’re highlighted some of the best stories below:

Premiere issue highlights

The Power of Rediscovery

10 surprising examples of people, products, technologies, and ideas that became famous for one reason but turned out to have even more to offer.

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Q&A with Scott McNealy

We get up close and personal with the tech legend and long-time Sun Microsystems CEO—for his perspective on managing through a crisis.

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Rediscovering the Value of Data

Enrique Salem of Bain Capital Ventures shares the story of a company he “rediscovered” to have a far greater impact than they originally realized.

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Real-Time Financial Services

Delivering instant experiences, high availability, and unlimited scale are critical for FinServe companies—doing it right requires big changes in the data layer.

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Plus, Redis creator Salvatore Sanfilippo dishes on the beginnings of Redis, the evolution of open source, and his “secret pasta recipe.” Read now

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