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Rediscover the power of real-time data. Join us at RedisConf 2021 to hear from the Redis community, customers, and industry experts. Dive into the latest product experiences, get hands-on training, network with other Redis pros, and show off your skills by participating in a $100,000 hackathon.

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Why Attend?

Rediscover the power of real-time data at RedisConf. Explore best practices, pro tips, and new features designed to help you build competitive advantage by delivering real-time experiences at any scale. This year we’ll be offering 3 main tracks: Build with Redis (for Developers), Operate Redis at scale (of DevOps, IT Ops and architects), and Redis Industry solutions (on how Redis is used to solve problems in Retail, Financial Services, Gaming, Tech and IoT shops).

You’ll be in the company of thousands of Redis enthusiasts eager to share and learn from each other (and maybe challenge each other in a game or two?). And don’t miss our live keynotes, packed with valuable insights from industry luminaries.


We’re offering four separate training courses, each combining a video-based, on-demand component with a series of optional, but recommended, virtual live sessions with the instructor. In addition to the live sessions, you’ll have exclusive access to a dedicated Discord channel to support your learning. The courses and live sessions will be conducted the week prior to RedisConf.

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  • Redis cube Running Redis at Scale
  • Spring icon Redis and Spring: Building High Performance RESTful APIs
  • Node.js icon The Node.JS Redis Crash Course
  • .Net icon Preview: Introduction to Redis and .NET
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$100,000 Hackathon

Redis Enterprise Cloud is not only blazingly fast, it’s also versatile—you can build anything and everything using Redis rather than patching together multiple databases. Whether you’re collecting billions of events (Redis Streams), storing JSON documents (RedisJSON), querying and indexing your data (RediSearch), analyzing a stream (RedisTimeSeries), making real-time recommendations (RedisGraph), or detecting fraud (RedisAI), you can do it all and do it fast.

The theme of our Hackathon is “Build on Redis”. Join us April 15 – May 15 to show the world what you can build on Redis for a chance to win big prizes totaling US$100,000!

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Keynote Speakers

Ofer Bengal
Ofer Bengal CEO and Co-Founder Redis Labs
Yiftach Schoolman
Yiftach Shoolman CTO and Co-Founder Redis Labs
Mike Anand
Mike Anand Vice President, Marketing Redis Labs
Julia Liuson
Julia Liuson CVP of Developer Division Microsoft
Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed Vice President, Product Management Google Cloud
Matt Asay
Matt Asay Head of Open Source Strategy and Developer Marketing AWS
Mike Lee
Mike Lee Head of Enterprise Payment Architecture Capital One
Torkel Ödegaard
Torkel Ödegaard CGO and Co-Founder Grafana
Alex Curtin
Alex Curtin Development Operations Manager Unity Technologies
Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson Vice President, Architecture Genesys



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