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Videos and Presentations

General Session, May 10: Salvatore Sanfilippo, Bill Anderson, Tim Savage,Chris Richardson, Itamar Haber
View presentation»
General Session, May 11: Yiftach Shoolman, Adrian Colyer, Laura Merling, Reynold Xin
View presentation»
Dvir Volk, Redis Labs
A Hacker’s Guide To a New Era in Redis (Redis Modules 101)
View presentation»
Jonathan Hyman, Appboy
Distributed Application Logic in Ruby with Redis
View presentation»
Brian Leonard, TaskRabbit
Redis as a Message Bus
View presentation»
Iccha Sethi, Rackspace
Redis in a Multi Tenant Environment – High Availability, Monitoring and Much More!
View presentation»
Ninad Divadkar, Intuit
Real Time Recommendations Using WebSockets and Redis
View presentation»
Tague Griffith, GoPro
High Performance Redis
View presentation»
Mihir Shete, Vikas Goel, Abhinav Mehra, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Solving Redis Latency Issues with Transparent Huge Pages: Make Copy-On-Write Great Again
View presentation»
Evan Tahler, TaskRabbit
Background Tasks in Node
View presentation»
Terry Weatherland, IBM
Scaling Redis Cluster Deployments for Genome Analysis (featuring LSU)
View presentation»
Peter Kellner, 73rd Street Associates
Using Redis as Distributed Cache for ASP.NET Apps with IIS
View presentation»
Marc Perkel,
Using Redis to Filter Spam
View presentation»
Zvika Guz, Samsung
Redis on NVMe SSD
View presentation»
Jakub Schmiegel, Intel
Redis Operation with Persistent Memory
View presentation»
Avram Lyon, Scopely
Scalable Streaming Data Pipelines with Redis
View presentation»
Leo Ponomarev, Nchan
Scaling a Queuing Pub/Sub Server in C: Gluing Nginx and Redis with Lua Scripts and Hiredis
View presentation»
Ilan Rabinovitch, DataDog
Monitoring and Scaling Redis at DataDog
View presentation»
Itamar Haber, Redis Labs
New Redis Capabilities: Own, Make, Share
Andrew Bass, Sean Yesmunt, Sergio Prada, Deanna Shih, Coding House
Build a Geospatial App with Redis 3.2
View presentation»
John Bullard, Distil Networks
Redis Networking Nerd Down: For Lovers of Packets and Jumbo Frames
View presentation»
Mani Tadayon, Apple
SSH I/O Streaming Via Redis-based Persistent Message Queue
View presentation»
Rahul Varma, Rocket Fuel
Which One is Real? Validating Billions of Web Interactions at Rocket Fuel
View presentation»
Leena Joshi, Redis Labs
What’s New with Enterprise Redis?
View presentation»
Roger Rea, IBM
Walmart and IBM Revisit the Linear Road Benchmark
View presentation»
Dmitry Polyakovsky, Snap-Raise
Scaling Rails Using Redis with Limited Dev Resources
View presentation»
DaeMyung Kang, Kakao
Troubleshooting Redis
View presentation»
Kenny Bastani, Pivotal
Back your App with MySQL & Redis, the Cloud Foundry Way
View presentation»
Akbar Ahmed, DynomiteDB
The Redis API: Simple, Composable, Powerful
View presentation»
Ioannis Papapanagiotou, Shailesh Birari, Jason Cacciatore, Netflix
Dynomite: A Highly Available, Distributed and Scalable Dynamo Layer
View presentation»
Rimas Silkaitis, Heroku
Postgres and Redis Sitting in a Tree
View presentation»
Kelsey Hightower, Google
Managing Redis with Kubernetes
View presentation»
Lightning Talk | Tom Byme, Avnet
Lightning Talk | Russell Teubner, HostBridge Technology
Lightning Talk | Francois Guillaume Ribreau, Redsmin
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