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Issue #9
September 11th, 2014

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I present to you the weekly collection of stuff that caught my attention. I really appreciate all the feedback you keep sending so please continue doing so 🙂

Redis Trivia: 6379 is an odd number. It is also a prime number. In fact, it is an irregular prime number that's also the sum of 9 consecutive primes as well as the sum of cousin primes + 1. Lastly, it is the last member of a sexy prime quadruple. #mathporn



A Scrapers Toolkit: Redis

Jake Austwick couldn't have picked a better technology to kick off a series of posts on scraping. He takes Redis – "the swiss army knife of a developer writing a scraper" – and discusses how it can be used for queuing, crawling, throttling and the HyperLogLog and Bloom filters probabalistic data structures. Great start, looking forward for more treats!

Josiah Carlson on Redis

Josiah Carlson discusses Redis, an in-memory single-threaded data structure server. A Redis mailing list contributor and author, Josiah talks with Robert about the differences between Redis and a key-value store, client-side versus server-side data structures, consistency models, embedding Lua scripts within the server, what you can do with Redis from an application standpoint, native locking versus application-level locking, how to scale out Redis, persistence options and some operational considerations in running a Redis server.

Raft: Understandable Distributed Concensus

An animated presentation that presents basic Raft's concepts: single leader, leader election, log replication, splits & partitions. I'm no Raft (or Paxos) expert but this feels very nice as an introduction, although I suspect the devil's in the details and that once you dive into the full paper [pdf] you could get lost quite easily (/via @antirez [link]).

Scaling Redis at Twitter

This is Twitter's @thinkingfish session about Redis – if you haven't already then watch the video and read the excellent writeup from High Scalability. Not everyone shares that company's needs and resources, but the ideas and results that are presented are sure to expand your mind. To sum it up in @antirez's words: "Basically @thinkingfish talk is (also) a dissertation about different Redis aspects, limits, possible evolutions. Serious work behind this" [link]. Coincidentally, I wrote about similar insights and approaches that Redis Labs uses to build cluster at the same blog only a fortnight ago 🙂

NHS grows a NoSQL backbone and rips out its Oracle Spine

Redis and other popular technologies are put in place of an Oracle setup for 1/100th of the cost. That alone merits a mention but the fact that a conservative goverment agency makes the move is even more heartwarming.

Coding & Development

Recommendation Engines with Ruby and Redis

#ruby #presentation

A thorough, in-depth presentation by Evan Light (@elight) on everything you need to wheep up your own engine – recommended!


#python #foss

Python + Redis + Bloom Filter = pyreBloom, by @SEOmoz


#python #foss

This is a Python Flask REST simplified interface to Redis by Giovanni De Gasperis (@giodegas).

Implementing a Redis Task Queue

#python #howto

A step-by-step tutorial on using Python RQ to manage text processing (part of a larger application).

Orestes-Bloomfilter 1.0.0

#java #foss

Python + Redis + Bloom Filter = pyreBloom, by @Baqend.

Using Redis to Store Session Values in Node JS Application

#node.js #howto

Arguablly one of the most common use cases is given a concise and straightforward treatment by @arisetyo – copy, paste & use.


@radifalco: "If you are still using #redis without any #lua then you are probably not doing it right." [link]

@mattsta: "Redis is the only popular open source database that doesn't have $200 million in funding." … <- @antirez: "@russelldb @mattsta @pchapuis Current Redis cost is 1.5 men/month (@mattsta part time, me full time) + Costs because of third party contribs" [link] (apropos recent funding of a NoSQL database?)

@zahmed: "#Redis SortedSet is simply awesome. Thank you @antirez" [link]

@wolever: "@codenamebowser unlike @shazow, Redis has aged very well" [link]

@ClickRex: "Saying goodbye to our dependency on Session state in #DotNet, using Redis instead where necessary." [link]

@mcc_ebooks: "@TWTdip redis *seems* less featured than mongodb—is there about abstraction in art …hm maybe you have the right idea here" [link] <- I definitely think you've hit the nail on the head here

@crodas: "Taking pieces of redis and use them in any C project is so straigth forward. Creating a libredis would be neat /cc @antirez" [link]

@slavikos: "#Redis is *really* awesome !" [link]

@MattSalsamendi: "We were able to successfully distribute upwards of 15,000,000 messages/sec on a 6 node virtualized cluster with Redis pub/sub and NodeJS. :)" [link] <- impressive feat!

@carwinz: "Google something about Jedis (Java client for Redis), get Star Wars results every time. Seriously, I am working!" [link] <- (pro tip: use the force)

Redis Labs

Post: So, You're Looking for the Redis GUI?

Event: How to Build A Top Mobile App using AWS and Redis, Tuesday, September 16th at 4pm

Event: AWS Summit Tel Aviv 2014, Wednesday, September 17th at 4pm


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