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September 4th, 2014

Editor's Note

Should there be more than one newletter for Redis users? (/ht @borourke) I feel that the more, the merrier – increasing the variaty of perspectives and the volume of curated information benefits everyone IMO. But I could be wrong. It has happened before, I admit freely that 🙂 What's your opinion on the topic of information noise vs. wealth?

Redis Trivia: there's a city in Egypt called Abou Redis ("Abou" means "father of" in Arabic, so it's no surprise that there's a giant statue of antirez in the town's square [the part about the statue is totally made up]).



How to Find Out Who's Popular on Twitter

Alexander Stanciu (@ducu) had an itch he couldn't scratch – how to find out who are the popular Twitter users within a group (in this case, HackerNews-ers). By his own admission, popular isn't the same as interesting, but still the description that he gives of how he had tackled this problem is a good read. Note that the really interesting (read technical) stuff is actually in the README of his GitHub repo: https://github.com/ducu/twitter-most-followed/blob/master/README.md

Redis 2.8.14 is out

The release of this maintenance version Redis has been hastened mainly "because there was a potential crash to fix ASAP regarding Lua scripting". This issue, introduced in v2.8.10, may cause a server to crash so it is deemed as a high-urgency upgrade. @antirez also reports that besides a fix to this defect, the release consists of numerous minor fixes and enhancements as well as a slightly different behavior in handling SIGINT – Redis will attempt to save the dataset before exiting.

Redis Developers Meeting, Oct. 2nd, London

The first (ever) Redis Developers Meeting will take place at Pivotal's London offices on October 2nd, 2014. Quoting these tweets from @antirez, "The Redis devs meeting will focus on putting together Redis developers (core, client libs, big use cases users) for one long day, to talk." – sounds like is going to be pretty amazing happening (only drawback so far is that @badboy_ will not be able to make it this time.)

Coding & Development

Redis store key without a value

#redis #stackoverflow

Redis requires any key to have a value, but what do you use as a value for keys that you use only to check the existance of? Interesting philosophical question – what's your take?

Redis on Windows 2.8.12 released

#redis #windows

@OpenAtMicrosoft announces the readiness of the Window's fork of 2.8.12 +2m1w. Besides being fashionably late (;)), I've always wondered about the differences between the official and the Windows version – would appreciate any pointers/comparison.

An introduction to Redis

#redis #video

This is a presentation with the title "Redis – What, why & where" that was given at @pyconsg by @harisibrahimkv. Despite the innocent titles, Haris provides some very useful tips (e.g. how to do a leaderboard) that are valuable for any Redis user.

is-redis 0.1.0

#node.js #foss

A module, which is essentially a single liner, that checks if Redis is running… I guess that's the Node.js of doing things (no offense to @charliedowler).

Building a Recommendation Service on AWS with Mahout

#python #howto

In this piece, @matt_sharpe3 from DogDogFish shows how to wheep up a simple and effective recommendation engine using with MR&R.

RPC using Redis

#ruby #howto

A proof of concept on how to implement remote procedure calls via 'JSON-RPC' and Redis as means of connecting "microservices" – by @amscotti

High availability Sidekiq with Redis Sentinel

#ruby #howto

@tomdooner promises and delivers an easy way to set up your Ruby application for using a highly-available Sidekiq queue.


#gawk #foss

An extension library to GNU's AWK that implements a Redis client by @paulinohuerta – endless possibilities, the mind boggles!

Iterate a LIST or SET in Lua without loading all in memory

#redis #tipsntricks

@mattsta's answer to @radifalco's question points us to Redis' RPOPLPUSH documentation and reminds us that using the circular list pattern "a client can visit all the elements of an N-elements list, one after the other, in O(N) without transferring the full list from the server to the client using a single LRANGE operation."


@grumi78: "@antirez @mattsta @badboy_  The Redis source code is an absolute pleasure to work in.  Awesome!" [link]

@AcuteDev: "playing with #redis in #python, but keep typing import #reddit into my code. I think I have a problem." [link] <- I have the same problem when I declare a new variable – my fingers automatically do news.ycombinator.com 🙂

@AjeyGore: "Lot of Analytics is counters, if you aren't using redis to do that job for you. You are certainly missing some serious performance boost" [link]

@EricPickupYP: '@samsachedina Your persistence strategy MATTERS. 90% of our Redis "issues" were related to tuning persistence across the cluster.' [link]

@andypiper: "@joncipriano Redis is awesome." [link]

@trevorsuarez: 'Dear god, I just learned about Redis' "BLPOP" command. They've thought of everything! #redis' [link]

@esilverberg: "#redis + rdbtool + #redshift = awesome way to profile memory consumption in a large redis index!" -> @StanfordRyan: "@esilverberg You load rdbtool’s output into Redshift? Jesus, how large is your Redis dataset?!" -> @esilverberg: "@StanfordRyan 9GB; ~10M keys. They're namespaced; I just needed to know memory consumption per namespace." -> ‏@StanfordRyan: "@esilverberg Got it. We profile a similar Redis dataset, but we just use rdbtools with a Python script. Smart thinking to use Redshift." -> ‏@esilverberg: "@StanfordRyan The hard part was cleaning the data to be importable into RS; I ended up writing a ruby script to map the CSV to txt … But once it was it RS, it took less than 60 seconds to get useful results :)" [link]

@kitchen: 'today on "ops rants by kitchen": ubuntu redis init script will TERM redis every second until it quits, probably making you lose data >> the funny thing about this is someone was probably like "redis takes too long to stop but if I kill it again it goes down. …' [link] [link]

@gridinoc: "building a polyglot back-end (C++, Node, Python, Java) with polyglot persistence (Mongo, ElasticSearch, Redis)" [link]

@JadedEvan: "I'm a #redis junkie. I'll find a way to use it for anything and everything." [link]

@jcarty: "Redis is so fast. Means some new features in @Blaq are plenty fast." [link]

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Meetup – ILTechTalks: Managing 50K+ Redis DBs Over 4 Clouds with a Tiny Devops Team, September 8th, 2014

Meetup – Redis TLV Meetup: Redis Indexes, September 22nd, 2014

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