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Issue #7
August 28th, 2014

Editor's Note

Here's the 7th (wool?) edition of Redis Watch. Based on readers' suggestions – how do you like the new layout?

Redis Trivia: Redis has a manifesto – http://oldblog.antirez.com/post/redis-manifesto.html. My personal favorites from it are "code is like a poem", "we're against complexity" and "we optimize for joy".



Configuring Redis High Availability

Symantec's Brian Hsieh explains how to set up Redis with Sentinel to withstand a master's failure.

MixRadio Architecture – Playing With An Eclectic Mix Of Services

@sr_gb (Steve Robbins) at @highscal shows what polyglot persistence is all about… and it is awesome!

Redis Replication: Getting It Right With Multi Data Center Support

@PubNub's team knows a thing or two about data and moving it around. While "not production ready!", their approach suggests using PubNub to broker Redis replication via Node.js. Clever and definitely interesting.

Heavy Hitters in Redis

Steve French from the engineering team at Eventbrite (@evbeng) shows an approach for keeping tabs on frequents in a stream.
Highly useful for separating the top k from the rest, code in #Python.

URL Shortners

One in Clojure [link], 35 lines of code by @adambard and one in Java [link] in 42 LoC by @tnurkiewicz.
Did it all start with @grasswire's 45-liner Scala [link] or is this a wider-spread phenomena?

The 1.2M Ops/Sec Redis Cloud Cluster Single Server Unbenchmark

A guest post by yours truely at @highscal that really shows the power of raw Redis. Without special tweakiing or effort, we squeezed 1.2M operations per second from a single EC2 server… with room to spare.

datawaki.com – analyse everything (about your Heroku app)

A new public offer from the guys behind teowaki.com. Given my experience with running Heroku apps and the related demos I've seen – this one should be an essential part of your toolbelt. What's the Redis angle here? There are two actually: 1) *waki runs on Redis (and Google's BigQuery) and 2) *waki's team has the super-energetic and extremelly-gifted @supercoco9 – a pillar of the Redis community and a fellow advocate at heart 🙂

Billion Messages – Art of Architecting scalable ElastiCache Redis tier

While AWS' Redis ElastiCache does not offer a clustering solution out of the box, Harish (@harish11g) didn't let that stop him and he had built his own on top using twemproxy. This isn't a task for beginners and the setup is not trivial, but do take time familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of the approach.

Coding & Development


#go #foss

"Use Redis as a filesystem in Go"… brilliant! The Ultimate CLI! A 2nd hit from the creative @pouingchen 

Local SQS development with Redis

#ruby #post #aws

Nice workaround for you local development needs if you're working with SQS by @EricOestrich


#node #foss

Besides being a RESTful ticket seller, @nicola_orritos explores some interesting expiration concepts here. I wonder how hard it would be to make a Lua library that handles such expiration patterns or whether this functionality should be included in core Redis in the first place.

gush 0.0.1

#ruby #foss #sidekiq

just released but appears to be extremely useful for running a distributed workflow. BTW, that's one fine lookin viz command [link] by @opiotrek

Getting Started with Redis


@vCoreDump's introduction to Redis – there's always room for one more!

Ruby/Rails/Redis Friends/Followers System

#ruby #documentation #globalgood

Alex Egg (@eggie5) took upon himself to document a somewhat forgotten gem [link] by @jimneath

How to use Redis on OpenShift from your Ruby application

#ruby #howto #openshift

An excellent resource to get you started in no time by @marek_jelen


@MattSalsamendi: "My first ever Redis cluster! It's so cute. pic.twitter.com/N1rPGNLu57" [link]

@benjaminbramley: "Been writing LUA scripts to execute against Redis. Powerful stuff" [link]

@mattsta: 'We don't have any Redis experts in Europe." #conferencecalls' [link] <- I've heard of a few…

@kgriffs: "I think Redis should be renamed to Bacon; it makes everything better." [link]

@chriscurtin: "Want to learn about Redis, BloomFilters and a 'Fail Fast' approach to architecture? I'll be at @atlantajug on 9/16 meetup.com/atlantajug/eve…" [link] <- I wish I could be there, sounds amazingly interesting.

@ryantomlinson: "Add more Redis…seems to be the answer to most questions today" [link]

@J_Halterman: "Redis KEYS command on a large database… Bad idea." [link]

@rescueAnn: "A good day starts with a session migration to Redis <3" [link]

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