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Issue #6
August 21st, 2014

Editor’s Note

Here’s what happened in the Redis-verse during the last week.

Redis Trivia: Redis means “repeat” (as in “say again”) in French, “redistribution” in Catalan, “radish” in Estonian, “return” in Latin, “rediscount” in Latvian, “pens” in Portuguese, sounds like “radish” in Russian and Serbian and like “radishes” in Ukrainian (source: Google Translate).



Please… no childish ASCII art in the syslogs [link] – slightly OT, but issue #1935 is a good read (personal angle: I used to make ASCII art for a living once upon a time :)).

Choosing a Technology Stack That Works For You [link] – hubba.com’s stack is MEAN + kue on Redis.

Safely running bulk operations on Redis with lua scripts [link] – any story that begins with “Don’t use KEYS” is worth reading 🙂 @al4 had improved on Bash script he had found in a forgotten SO thread with great results.

Game Development Log (3. Loading data to Vector Tiles) [link] – caching pre-calculated tile geography in Redis. Cool.

Session Replication in Cloud Foundry [link] – the new Java buildpack from Pivotal added support for replicating sessions via Redis to survive the loss of one node.

Coding & Development

dtimer [link] – a distributed timer (i.e. event scheduler) in Node.js.

Token based Authorization with Node.js & Redis [link] – replace JWT in Express with expiring tokens.

breadis [link] – a young and promising Redis cluster proxy in Go. Goodies include transparent sharding & failover.

Synchronization Constructs with Node + Redis [link] – an intimidating title for a common problem and what appears to be a good solution.

StackExchange.Redis 1.0.328 on NuGet [link] – a minor version bump but an enviable 10m support response time by @marcgravell to @peterkeating [link link].

redis-browser [link] – a gem that provides a UI for Redis. @Monterail makes @teodordima‘s life easier [link]


@jessamynsmith: “I just used redis to move a long-running task out of a web request. Fun!” [link]

@maknz: “The coolest thing about the Redis docs is that the examples are actual Redis sessions http://redis.io/commands/GET” -> @gerwinvanroyen: “@maknz Yeah I love their walk throughs. How fantastic is redis though, one of my favourite things atm.” [link]

@ByzantineFail: “have discovered Redis and it is beautiful.” [link]

@nihed: “day after day, I discover #Redis and I understand more why #YouPorn is using it” [link]

@rojoroboto: “the MULTI command in redis is kind of awesome”

@CanadianJames: “It is redis, man, I don’t have a data model. #notaccurate” <- @CanadianJames “@stimms There is *always* a model. :oP” [link] <- so true

@kitchen: ‘thinking of new names for the KEYS command on our redis servers. my favorite is “PUNCH_ME_IN_THE_FACE”‘ [link]

@heavypennies: “recently went live with realtime rolling counters using redis bit sets @shapeways #proud” [link]

@alanstorm: “Ahhhh, redis has a traditional make;make install — as god intended.” [link]

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