August 27th, 2015 – Issue #55

A Newsletter About Everything Redis

Issue #55
August 27th, 2015

# include i.h

Not much to report this week, where did everybody go to anyway?

Redis Trivia: Redis is written in C


Be social, tweet about Redis Watch: I'm reading Redis Watch #55:

int main(int argc, char **argv) { 

How to use Rails Active Job #Rails #howto

Very useful – one-stop-shop for common patterns for queuing by Leigh Halliday @leighchalliday

Cybermaxs / Redists #DotNET #foss

Maxime Lemaitre @__Cybermaxs__ built a time series library that is inspired from a timeless classic by Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez

How to Set Up a Redis Server as a Session Handler for PHP on Ubuntu 14.04 #PHP #howto

Another useful step-by-stepper via DigitalOcean @digitalocean, this time contributed by Erika Heidi @erikaheidi

struct two_from_sorentwo {

Managing Redis Reconnections From Ruby (5 minutes to read)

The first of our weekly duo from Parker Selbert @sorentwo discusses and explores the exciting world of reconnects with #Ruby's Redis client redis-rb – TL;DR it now appears to be working properly.

Minor release sorentwo / readthis v0.8.0 #Ruby #foss

And there is also version bump to his ActiveSupport replacement that this newsletter&39;s editor had unintentionally neglected to mention until now.


Minor release markuman / tinywebdis v1.1 #Lua #foss

Markus Bergholz @markuman turbo charges his Redis interface server for the rest that prefers REST over RESP.

Minor release redis / hiredis v0.13.2 #C #foss

Jan-Erik Rediger @badboy_ merges and releases an update with 3 adapters and one bugfix.

Why (and how to) Redis with your MongoDB (6 minutes to read)

DJ Walker-Morgan @Codepope from Compose @composeio (previously named MongoHQ, recently becoming an @IBM company) explains how you can use Redis for counting and queuing alongside @MongoDB. While on the subject…

UPCOMING WEBINAR Why your MongoDB Needs Redis

Join me next Thursday at 10am PST for an online session about a Redis use pattern that, once seen, can't be unseen… Register at


Redis Labs

Case Study: Redis Labs Helps Stance Define the Modern Retail Experience

Mentioned In: In bold sign of support, Redis inventor Salvatore Sanfilippo joins Israeli / Silicon Valley startup Redis Labs by Gabriel Avner @GabrielAvner from @geektimecom

Case Study: Vetr Delivers Financial Advice in Real-Time with Redis Cloud

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