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Issue #51
July 16th, 2015

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And now, for something completely different…

Redis Trivia: Redis had many sponsors, all share a part of its success: http://redis.io/topics/sponsors



Be social, tweet about Redis Watch: I'm reading Redis Watch #51: https://redislabs.com/redis-watch-archive/51

Virtual Moka Pot

Since time immemorial within the Redis community, a Moka Pot is considered a token of appreciation to a member for her/his contributions. I'd like to present this one to Mark Paluch @mp911de who has been working nights and days on his Redis Java client, lettuce.

Yet-another-Redis-client-in-programming-language-X by itself is a relatively easy project to pull off, look at http://redis.io/clients where evidence is abundant. What makes Mark's work extraordinary is the meticulous docs he accompanies the library with (see the Wiki) and the interesting ideas that he experiments with (e.g. https://github.com/mp911de/lettuce/wiki/Command-execution-reliability). And did anyone mention bleeding edge? lettuce already includes support for the new beta Geo commands as Mark has been adding them nearly as fast antirez was committing. He was also kind enough to contribute a section to our Redis Howto page – check it out at https://redislabs.com/redis-howto#lettuce. Mark – may your coffee always taste as good as a cup of Italian Moka, thank you.

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Thanks Pivotal, Hello Redis Labs (timeless)

Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez thanks @Pivotal and @VMWare for sponsoring the Redis project over the last years, joins the @RedisLabs‘ team.

Salvatore Sanfilippo – Welcome to Redis Labs (3 minutes to read)

The creator and spirit of the Redis community had just joined Redis Labs – for me, this move is the professional equivalent of religious ecstasy but I think I had managed to keep my emotions completely out of the post 🙂

Get A Redis #Go #foss #free

A dead-simple open source hosted Redis service running in containers on DigitalOcean by Mohamed Bassem @MohamedBassem. What should RaaS providers such as Redis Cloud, @openredis, @RedisGreen, @RedisToGo & @ObjectRocket do in response to this type of competition?

OH Matt Ranney @mranney > node_redis could use help. @brycebaril and I have moved on, so we made https://github.com/NodeRedis . LMK if you want to contribute.

integrii / go-redis-migrator #Go #foss

This utility will let you migrate keys from one database to another by Eric Greer @integrii.

Optimizing Caching: Twemproxy and Memcached at Flickr (8 minutes to read)

A time lapse-like deep dive into the caching layer used at @flickr by our guides Tague Griffith @tague and John Troxel @neurotroxel.

gossiperl / erl_embedded_redis #Erlang #foss

Rad G @rad_g made an embedded Redis server for Erlang over the weekend – should be useful for integration testing.

Don't get burned by Redis ConnectionMultiplexer; A sample wrapper #DotNET #howto

Gavin Barron @gavinbarron learned the hard way to share his ConnectionMultiplexer across class instance – here he shares the lesson and a sample wrapper that implements it.

Setting up a Connection with StackExchange.Redis #DotNET #howto

By coincidence (I verified that) two days later comes in this howto from Daniel D'Agostino @dandago2 – a deeper dive into the perplexing world of the multiplexer.

OH Mike Perham @mperham > Warning: if you have thousands of Redis connections, you need to tune the "hz" variable: https://github.com/mperham/sidekiq/wiki/Using-Redis#tuning #RedisProTip

Speed Up Your Rails App by 66% – The Complete Guide to Rails Caching (14 minutes to read)

Benchmarks – can't do with them, can't do without them. In this delightfully detailed and methodical post, Nate Berkopec @nateberkopec pits no less than five cache backends for #Rails applications one against the other: ActiveSupport::FileStore, ActiveSupport::MemoryStore, Memcached, Redis & LRURedux.

msmichellegar / best-todo-ever #NodeJS #foss

I'm a sucker for anything that has a name that consists of strong positive superlative – I mean, if it ain't the best the author wouldn't have called it that, right? You be the judge in the case of Michelle Garrett @msmichellegar who used @hapijs and Socket IO @SocketIO for building the best todo app on Redis.

Caching in Java with JOOQ and Redis #Java #howto

Need to cache your DB calls? No problem, just read this guide from Aakash Japi @logicx24 that shows everything on how to intercept the queries, get the data and invalidate it.

OH @yburyug > BR "If I could only take one database with me to a desert island, it would be #Redis" <- what does BR mean?


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