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Issue #5
August 14th, 2014

Editor's Note

Should the newsletter feature a Redis Humor section? Here's a nice one I OHed on Twitter this week from @tenderlove: "I went to a Redis themed party once, they played lots of LPOP music." [link] – if you have more, send them over!

Redis Trivia: Daniel Fucbitz is a sysop from planet Terah who always complains about EDB [link].



The Easy Way Of Building A Growing Startup Architecture Using HAProxy, PHP, Redis And MySQL To Handle 1 Billion Requests A Week [link] – Octivi is spilling more beans on their impressive setup, this time over at High Scalability.

IBM Research Report: An Updated Performance Comparison of Virtual Machines and Linux Containers [link] – title says it all but it does have a Redis angle. Redis was used to benchmark NoSQL workload and the pretty graphs suggest that throughput and latencies are preferable with Docket net=host  is and comparable to native performance.

Rolling Averages in Redis [link] – some people say I'm still helpful [link] 🙂 @stimms went and implemented rolling averages in Lua.

Coding & Development

TheCart [link] – a Ruby gem that implements a shopping cart with Redis' sorted sets, using score to store quantity (possibly limitations – quantities requiring more than 53bit floats;))

Rediska 0.5.10 [link] – a minor update to an impressively featured PHP Redis client.

notredis [link] – this isn't stricly Redis, but I do like examples where people are inspired by it. This is actually a PHP interface to Sqlite.


Asad Hasan: "Redis saves some butt when it comes to race conditions. +1 redis." [warning: FB link]

@understandig: "@AlSweigart I used redis for that and it was pretty great." [link]

@jphager2: "#redis is so easy to install :''( #tearsofjoy" [link]

@antirez: 'The spam in the "Redis" Twitter search tab eventually reached a critical level… it's a shame, this was a very good input for me.' [link]

@syropian: Things I need to implement in @astralapp: Redis caching Things I know nothing about: Redis caching" -> @mferrier: "@syropian just for front end HTML caching?" -> @syropian: "@mferrier No, caching DB queries and such too. Also considering memcached. Don’t really know the difference ¯_(ツ)_/¯" -> @mferrier: "@syropian ah ok. You could use either, Redis is just more flexible. Memcached is one big hash, Redis had a variety of data types" [link]

@emacspinky: "#useful #redis #oneliner redis-cli info | egrep '(keys=|human|loading|progress)'" [link]

@kwuchu: "I love finding use-cases for Redis in my projects, makes things so much easier. :D" [link]

@maartenballiauw: "Been torturing Redis all day, it's a beautiful piece of software." [link]

@lxfontes: '"But the server has 8 cpus! why is redis not using them all !?!?!?" *sigh*' [link]

@benmcfc: "#Redis is the best thing in the history of databasey things. Atomic awesomeness." [link]

@kgriffs: "Just discovered you can do msgpack from within Redis Lua. #freakinawesome" [link]

Redis Labs

Customer Session – Tung Nguyen from Bleacher Report presenting at NoSQLNow! 2014 – here are the details and a $300 discount with the coupon REDISLABS

Blog Post – 3 (More) Common Uses for Redis in the Gaming Industry

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