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Issue #49
June 25th, 2015

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This issue turned out to be packed with tips from Redis pros – share with me your favorite Redis tips/trivia/stories/foss/etc to be immortalized in Redis Watch's archive.

Redis Trivia: Storing IPv4 addresses using byte encoding saves ~75% of storage and is also fun – #MERZFTW #RedisProTip


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OH Mike Perham @mperham > TIL you can WATCH a non-existent key so Redis will abort the transaction if someone else creates it. @redisfeed #RedisProTip

Geo is coming to Redis – computational neuroscientists happily excited around the world

A new branch, 10s of commits, a test script and numerous tweets from Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez tell us that Redis is shortly gonna get much awesomer, per 3.2 plans. Once that's done, it has been OHed that Disque will get the attention it deserves and then it' to be the Bloom season. Oh yeah.

Redis is easy. Redis is trivial. Redis is HARD! #Redis #howto

Good catchy title and solid details from Command.io @commando_io on how to install, replicate and make your Redis discoverable and available – you definitely want to follow these instructions if you plan using Redis for production purposes. Or, you can simply use Redis Labs' products. Our products are desig… (Editor: please keep all sponsored content confined to the newsletter's bottom section).

The Current State of Container Usage (7:06 minutes to read)

Surveys are fun, and with containers taking the world by a storm this one from DevOps.com @devopsdotcom and ClusterHQ @clusterhq is a pretty sweet treat. I swear I would've liked even if it hadn't found (in question 17) that #MySQL, #Redis and #PostgreSQL are the top 3 stateful services in use 🙂

BIG RED BUTTON exploits Redis flaw to fix Redis flaw (2 minutes to read)

While not strictly news for this newsletter's readers (new subscribers: see issues #46, #47 and #48), the The Register @TheRegister's characteristic reporting style is amusing as usual and is therefore included for merit rather than completeness.

OH Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez > @JeremiadLee You can list keys by pattern without blocking the server on the CLI as well: redis-cli --scan --pattern '*:12345*' #RedisProTip

Redis Configuration – Redis Series Episode 9 #Redis #video

In a series mostly about #PHP's #Laravel, this bold step taken by Christophe Limpalair @christophelimp/@ScaleYourCode focuses exclusively on the bear necessities of life.

adriano-di-giovanni / node-redis-keychain #NodeJS #foss

Control your keyspace with dignity and abstract aloofness with this lovely helper from Adriano Di Giovanni @codecreativity. Personally, I prefer looking at my keys straight at their eye, but I know that to each his own.

Get more than a cache back! #NotOnlyAzure #NotOnlyDotNET #slides #video

Time to indulge the old intro-to-Redis fetish with 42-slides (yes!) deck from Maarten Balliauw @maartenballiauw. I must admit that given the strong whiff of #Azure/#DotNET that the preso gives, I was more than pleasantly surprised by the fact that it is all but non-existent in the content that turns out to be a concise, clear and well-organized Redis 101. The video from the talk is also online at https://vimeo.com/131641614 – definitely a keeper for future use!

emehrkay / rgp #Python #foss

Is a graph database implementation from Shaniqua's PhoneMark Henderson @Emehrkay. Since the author had demonstrated desire for learning, a chief avocadocommunity member had tipped him about the The Command That Must Not Be Used – KEYS #RedisProTip

The Evolution of Fault Tolerant Redis Cluster (18 minutes to read)

It is quite possible to pulling together your very very own apocalypse-proof setup using only Redis, DNS routing, the Redis Admin page, Sentinel, HA Proxy, Multi-AZ and twemproxy as reported by the Personalization team at BloomReach @bloomreachinc (where they use it for storing 16 billion URLs and controlling Cassandra clients, but that's another [highly-expected!] post). Or, you could use Redis Labs to build a production-grade cluster that scales as your dat… (Editor: last warning)

OH Matt Joiner @anacrolix > That moment when you realise you weren't reusing #Redis connections and shit is about to get even faster. <- oh yeah #RedisProTip


Redis Labs

Blog post: the 2nd part of the Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster series, Getting started with RLEC – How to Install and Setup

Redis Academy: Redis in Action, Chapter 7: Search Based Applications

Mentioned in: Take Control of Growing Redis NoSQL Server Clusters, a free-to-download-but-signup-is-required-however ebook from Reuven M. Lerner @reuvenmlerner via @linuxjournal and @IBMPowerSystems

Blog post: Redis Labs Series B Funding – a big thank you to Frederic Lardinois @fredericl, Toby Wolpe @Wolpe and Ben Kepes @benkepes for reporting the news!

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