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Issue #47
June 11th, 2015

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Averages deceive. What could appear to the untrained eye as yet another average week in the Redisverse is actually accentuated by sharply contrasted relieves – the past and the future as well as sorrow and joy are below. Enjoy.

Redis Trivia: Scaling Redis for the wrong reasons – #1 http://data.unhcr.org/SouthSudan/settlement.php?id=218&country=204&region=52 #2 http://data.unhcr.org/SouthSudan/settlement.php?id=232&country=204&region=52 story http://www.unhcr.org/556db2606.html #HumanRelief


Above the average

Be social, share this issue of Redis Watch (tweet can be edited before posting): I’m reading Redis Watch #47: https://redislabs.com/redis-watch-archive/47

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Redis 101 #Redis #slides

On average, I get to review 3 intro-to-Redis slidedecks every week (even wrote a couple of my own :)), but this one is perhaps the most elegant of all that I’ve seen to date – by Peter Cooper @peterc ht Tim Spann @PaaSDev #VintageClassic

Conflict and Irrelevance in NoSQL Land (13:14 minutes to read)

Virginia Backaitis @actbrilliant from @CMSWire reviews the recent tsunami of comperative benchmarks from NoSQL vendors — the one from @MongoDB, from @Couchbase, @DataStax’s and even Redis Labs’ — and doesn’t hold anything back. Favorite quote: “there are three classes of untruths in the world: lies, damn lies and benchmarks.” from Peter Coppola @pbcoppola of Basho Technologies @Basho (and BTW, all benchmarks are is a bunch of averages slapped on a graph ;))

Simple Social Network in Go with Redis Pt.1 #Go #howto

Steven Myers @slmyers11 took upon himself to explain how one would go about using Redis and Go for building a social network. I’ve been waiting patiently for him to complete the 3rd and final part before presenting the series to you: Pt.2 & Pt.3 (BTW, on average, it took Steven 2.5 days to write each part).

Parsing the Redis TCP Protocol (8 minutes to read)

Pipelining makes sniffing Redis’ chitchat harder, but that didn’t stop Baron Schwartz @xaprb and the team at @VividCortex from doing it. The result: Network Analyzer for Redis.

OH Matthew Taylor @rhyolight > Just had my first experience with #redis and it was great. Yeah, I’m pretty late to the NoSQL party but whatever. &lt- better late than never, better today than tomorrow, better now than later and I’d better shut up this instant

tiredpixel / pikka-bird-collector-py #Python #foss

Poor @tiredpixel is loosing sleep because he/she is building something cool – Pikka Bird is an ops monitoring tool and this is the collector script for all kinds of database stuff: #MongoDB, #MySQL, #PostgreSQL, #RabbitMQ, #Redis and some system metrics as well. As a co-sufferer from sleep deprivation, I can think of worst reasons for insomnia and we both share an interest in “big, small, and napkin-sized” data.

Comic relief (3 puns in rapid succession)

OH Tom White @polytomous > @amygdalama I once saw a Redis Tribute band, but they were just a little bit off key. 🙁

OH Tom White @polytomous > @itamarhaber I’ve been laying low lately. There’s people on the streets busting CAPs and I don’t want to talk distrusted systems right now.

OH Tom White @polytomous > @itamarhaber If you’re looking for more redis puns, I heard a Wu-tang song full of them. “Cache rules everything around me” or something.

CVE-2015-4335/DSA-3279 – Redis Lua Sandbox Escape (4 minutes to read)

In light of last week’s security exploit, here’ what you need to know to protect your Redis database from attacks. Key takeaway: use password authentication. Bonus takeaway: create your own DSA ID.

Data Types in Redis – Redis Series Episode 8 (20:48 minutes) #PHP #Laravel #video

Christophe Limpalair @christophelimp a.k.a. @ScaleYourCode dedicates the 8th chapter of his series to Pratik Shah @pratik07shah and 4 of Redis’ data types – Hashes, Lists, Sets and Sorted Sets.

High-performance messaging with Go and Redis (22:11 minutes) #Go #video

Chris Goddard @goddardcm, Co-Founder & CTO of Charge @Charge (a.k.a. “the posh WhatsApp”) explains everything you need to know about building a messaging application with Redis in this excellent talk from the recent @Twilio SIGNAL event.

fastest963 / node-redis-rolling-limit #NodeJS #Lua #foss

Neat idea – a rolling rate limiter that’s partly implemented with server-side Lua – from James Hartig @jameshartig.

It’s The Future (4:20 minutes to read)

Everybody’s a comedian in this issue and Paul Biggar @paulbiggar from @CircleCI is no different. In this webscale piece he presents a contemporary-yet-apocalyptic dialogue between a dinosaur and a hipster in which everyone gets mentioned (/cc Kyle Kingsburry @aphyr) – a few FQs: “Heroku is dead”, “Ew”, “Composability is the future”, “no-one understands Paxos”, “It’s San Francisco. Everyone’s into distributed systems and BDSM”, “No, nothing like Redis. etcd is distributed. Redis loses half its writes if the network partitions”, “Isn’t it glorious?”. I’ve seen the future baby: it is #gifee

Azure / aspnet-redis-providers #DotNET #foss

Speaking of the future, I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive for some time now – with the ASP.NET providers now open sourced, anything is possible (well, almost anything anyway). For example, now there’s little need for side-loading an SSL certificate to the StackExchange.Redis client – thanks again Marc Gravell @marcgravell for that brilliant assist!

brainix / pottery #Python #foss

“Redis is awesome, but Redis clients are not awesome.” <- am I detecting resentment against Andy McCurdy @andymccurdy here? “Pottery is a Pythonic way to access Redis. If you know how to use Python dicts and sets, then you already know how to use Pottery.” <- Ah, that actually makes perfect sense 🙂 thanks to Raj Shah @brainix.

OH All about the Zen @monkchips > “look at salvatore over in italy” – and we ALL know what he’s talking about. #librato #solarwinds #redis




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