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Issue #46
June 4th, 2015

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Redis Trivia: The numeric string 6379 appears at the 12284th decimal digit of Phi (the Golden Ratio)



Be social, share this issue of Redis Watch (tweet can be edited before posting): I’m reading Redis Watch #46: https://redislabs.com/redis-watch-archive/46

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Untangling Redis sort results with Node.js and lodash #Nodejs #howto

Lucky numbah 7 from Kyle @stockholmux teaches what you need to know about client-side sorting – yummy as usual (and I may add Node.JS to my CV at the pace that Kyle’s bringing it on :)).

Getting started with Spring Security, Spring Session and Redis #SpringBoot #howto

Learn how to bootstrap Spring Boot with this simple-to-follow howto from Driss Amri @drams88.

OH Ho-Ling Poon @holingpoon >Redis watch is the coolest newsletter ever. https://redislabs.com/redis-watch-archive/45 &lt- some people have a knack at nailing profound truths succinctly 🙂

Remote Software Coding and Tutoring From Paradise with Rick Hurst (44:01 minutes to watch)

An interview with Rick Hurst @rickhurst that touches practically everything. My take: “Redis – ar-ey-dee-ie-ess – it’s very very good”.

Redis Sentinel & Redis Cluster – what? (<3 minutes to read – seriously)

Speaking of very very good, here’ a sweet and short piece from Jan-Erik Rediger @badboy_ that explains in the simplest terms what Sentinel and Redis cluster are #InstantlyGolden

Redis Cluster or: distributed systems are hard (58 slides)

If you were left wanting more, here’re the slides from a talk that Jan-Erik Rediger @badboy_ gave last month at PHP-UG Düsseldorf @phpugddorf.

Nifty redis tricks #Ruby #howto

Even old dogs can learn 3 new tricks – throttling email alerts, aggregating metrics and lock operations – brought to you by Jordan Bach @jbgo.

sent-hil / bitesized #Go #foss

Senthil Arivudainambi from @Koding made a bitmaps-powered analytics solution.

6 Free Technical Classes From Pivotal Education (6 minutes to read)

Grab some free #BigData chow for the brainz from @Pivotal‘s buffet – now serving #Greenplum, #GemFire, #PivotalHD, #HAWQ, #CloudFoundry and #Redis.

gutefrage / aurora-redis #Aurora #foss

I admit that this can’t quite replace our Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster, but this repo is certainly a nice find for the DIY kind of girl/boy who likes playing with Apache Aurora @ApacheAurora – from Gute Frage @gutefrage_net.

The future of lettuce (8 minutes to read)

The future, as told by Mark Paluch @mp911de, author of the Java lettuce Redis client. I’m not using lettuce (I don’t Java) but Mark’s efforts at maintaining his project are commendable – he updates it all the time with major capabilities and in my book passion means quality.

OH Andy Diep @andydiep >6k recs per day. Hitting 1 M recs. reading access is constant 1. It’s magical!!! Go Redis.

Redis & MongoDB: Stop Big Data Indigestion Before It Starts #MongoDB #slides

These are the slides from the talk I gave two days ago at #MongoDBWorld 2015 about an amazing use pattern for the two best-complementing databases there are – Redis and @MongoDB. The session wasn’t recorded regrettably (any chance of fixing that next year? Meagen Eisenberg @meisenberg) and slides are worthless by themselves (or so I’d like to hope), so feel free to hit me with any questions! BTW, although I had a nasty cold it was a great event to be at with buzz a-plenty, excellent sessions and amazing people. I also finally hooked up in the flesh with Tim Spann @PaaSDev who is, although usually uncredited, one of my dependable sources for content 🙂 OTOH, despite having womanning/manning booths right across from each other, I did not get to meet Nikki Tirado @NikkiTirado and I fear an anti-climax once we do in all eventuality and fullness of time. Last tidbit, regardless my cold, the night before the session I had a mild case of indigestion that had kept me up… I’m such a cliche 🙂

Redis 3.0.2 and Redis 2.8.21 are out (3 minutes to read)

An immediate response from Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez to a serious exploit in the Lua sandbox as reported by security researcher Ben Murphy @benmmurphy in his excellent post from earlier today – Redis EVAL Lua Sandbox Escape. Besides that, there is also a slew of new Sentinal stuff and a tweaked ZADD.

OH Stefan Prodan @stefanprodan >Finally! The port of #redis cluster v3 for windows has started https://github.com/MSOpenTech/redis/issues/231


Redis Labs

Analyst Report: With Redis Labs, CAPI goes Mainstream, Big Time! by Rich Ptak @PNARICH

New Benchmark: Rising NoSQL Star: Aerospike, Cassandra, Couchbase or Redis? is a benchmark report written by Avalon Consulting LLC @avalonconsult about a real life, real time big data stream processing use case that Emind @emindcloud develops – a sneak peek at the results is immediately below.

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