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Issue #45
May 28th, 2015

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>> 1 = Is an intersting polyglot Big Data/IoT operational mashup from Basho Technologies @Basho that consists of #Riak, Apache #Spark, #Redis and Apache #Solr: Basho Data Platform — The First NoSQL Data Platform Designed for Enterprise Active Workloads

>> 10 = @Pivotal, Redis’ benevolent sponsor, is putting together a knowledge base dedicated to Open Source Redis and only to Open Source Redis – brilliant initiative! Open Source Redis Knowledge Base #KnowledgeIsPower /HT Tim Spann @PaaSDev

>> 11 = “FJAFJKLDSKF7JKFDJ”…”I AM A NORMAL HUMAN TYPING WITH MY HUMAN HANDS.”: xkcd’s Keyboard Mash (nearly cracked a bone of my internal skelaton – bravo again Mr. Munroe!)

Redis Trivia: Redis is a budding YouTube video artist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atCrj-3ibvE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdS4eqzj6Qg are but 2 samples of his talent



Be social, share this issue of Redis Watch (tweet can be edited before posting): I’m reading Redis Watch #45: https://redislabs.com/redis-watch-archive/45

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mdahiemstra / nagios-check-redis  #nagios  #foss

Is a simple plugin for nagios to check status of a Redis server from Michel Hiemstra @mdahiemstra.

OH Kyle Drake @kyledrake > Redis Cluster is great. They’re honest about what it can and can’t do. I really miss that honesty with most DBs. http://redis.io/topics/cluster-tutorial

Redis Architecture Diagram (1 minute to watch, understanding it is a different matter)

Matt Stancliff @mattsta‘s epic diagram was recently updated ICYMI.

Managing modularity and Redis connections in Node.js #Nodejs #howto

Kyle @stockholmux is spoiling me silly with a new installation about Redis and Node.js on an almost weekly basis. This time, I learned how to save on setting up and tearing down a connection for each module.

Recovering A Sentinel Configuration #Sentinel #howto

All you ever wanted to know about (loosing your) Sentinel (configuration and recovering it) but were too afraid to ask by The Real Bill Anderson @ucntcme.

OH Dan Connor @thestereobus >Redis’ feature set is just endlessly helpful.

Redis, Express and Streaming with Node.js and Classic Literature(?)  #Nodejs  #howto

Have I mentioned that Kyle @stockholmux is spoiling me silly? This time I learned how to almost stream data from Redis via the use of GETRANGE and the redis-rstream library from Jeff Barczewski @jeffbski.

Redis and Connected Clients #Bash  #foss

Luca Francesca @The_Lukas_1988 is cooking up a smart script that reports on clients connected to your Redis after filtering non-existant domains and IP-only connections.

OH Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez > What about Redis 3.2 focusing on client-side caching? With Redis helping to keep a client side in-memory cache consistent?

Integrating Redis, PostgreSQL and Neo4j in CentOS 7 #Redis  #PostgreSQL  #Neo4j  #CentOS7  #howto

A wonderful recipe for a polyglot setup from Marcos Ortiz @marcosluis2186.

hashslot_keys.txt #cluster #txt

Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez > “A table with a key name hashing to each of the 16384 hash slots of Redis Cluster, for testing”

Redis and Laravel Series #PHP #Laravel #video

I’m a sucker for series and here’s one that completely escaped my radar until its 6th episode – I still need to catch up with all this goodness from Christophe Limpalair @christophelimp via @ScaleYourCode:

  1. Predis (10:36)
  2. PhpRedis (10:04)
  3. Top Viewed Pages (21:29)
  4. Cache Database Queries (9:21)
  5. Deleted 🙂
  6. Tagging Articles, Products (18:59)
  7. Twitter newsfeed with Redis (25:48)

OH Guney Can Gokoglu @gcg > Note to self: DONT f*cking REMOVE LIVE REDIS CLUSTER! <- word.

Alternative Redis-Like Databases with Python #Python #howto #foss

Charles Leifer @coleifer, author of Warlus, begins with a review of 3 Redis-like projects – Sebastian Waisbrot @seppo0010‘s Rlite, siddontang @siddontang‘s LedisDB and Symisc @unqlite_db‘s Vedis (unmaintained ATM) – and ends with the aptly-named Tusks that provide support for these in Warlus.

takenet / elephant #DotNET #foss

Is a persistence library that provides common data structures as composable elements to abstract any storage engine, including SQL databases. ATM supports memory, SQL and Redis and provides sets, queues and many types of maps – from André Bires @andrebires via Take.net @Takenet.

OH Tomstorygo @tomstorygo > #Redis #Failover Win!



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