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Issue #44
May 21st, 2015

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How could we live in a world without Google Translate? BTW, by sheer coincidence, this issue has exactly 42 links in it.

Redis TriviaTRAI, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, uses Redis (in their URLs, i.e.g.: http://www.trai.gov.in/Content/ReDis/99_68.aspx)


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HBase and Redis: LINE's Storage System for Processing Over 100 Million Messages Per Day (37:35 minutes to watch)

I've been hearing about LINE's Redis use case for a couple of years now, but could never really grok the details because of the language barrier. Imagine my joy when I stumbled upon this video and the slides from the recent LINE DEVELOPER DAY_2015 which goes into great detail. Alas, the language barrier remains impenetrable for me – YouTube's auto-captioning and translate keeps throwing at me what seems to be Haikus about withered old ladies clustering their dead (see 4:32 here: https://gist.github.com/itamarhaber/f3fe8c42f83ea6aacf9f#file-hbase_and_redis_lines_storage_system_for_processing-_over_100_million_messages_per_day-engsub-md). Perhaps Shunsuke Nakamura @sunsuk7tp can provide a translation or maybe one of the newsletter's loyal readers is up for the task? I'm dying to learn about the home-grown cluster that LINE's running and how it meshes up with HBase.

xetorthio / jedis: Add support for high level cluster commands #990 (17 minutes to read + O(rz) complexity)

Cluster-awareness is added to existing Redis clients on a daily basis, so I've been deliberately refraining from reporting every such incident here. However, this discussion over at the #Jedis repository is quite significant for two reasons – 1) Jedis are members of the Jedi Order, who serve the Force is one of the most popular Redis clients, so design decisions made by Jonathan Leibiusky @xetorthio and Jungtaek Lim @HeartSaVioR have serious sway and 2) Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez's addition to the discussion greatly clarifies what a standard client should implement.

Does your data fit in RAM? (<1 minute to use)

An extremely powerful, general purpose, web-based, open source app that helps you provisioning RAM vis a vis your data requirements. Although the current version appear to be somewhat limited – i.e.g. it assumes a single server architecture and supports only two hardware brands – it already shows great promise and has quickly become my go-to tool whenever I start designing a topology. By Luke GB @lukegb.

Redis, another step on the road #intro #slides

There's no shortage in introductions to Redis, but this one stands out for several reasons: a) the content is accessible both to English as well as Chinese speakers, b) it contains an exhaustive list of tips, insights, best practices and whatnots, plus c) my review of the Aerospike benchmark is quoted in it 😉 A lot of good stuff from Yi-Feng Tzeng @yftzeng but the proverbs do require translation: https://gist.github.com/itamarhaber/f3fe8c42f83ea6aacf9f#file-redis_another_step_on_the_road-engsub-md

duncanleo / gopipe-redis #Go #foss

Is a utility that generates a file for mass piping in the Redis key-value store. Simply put, feed it a text file containing Redis commands and it will spit out RESP. Great idea by Duncan Leo @duncanleo97.

OH Natalie Leigh West @iamtastycakeRedis is hands down the easiest install ever. No dependency hell.

torque59 / nosqlpot #security #foss

Is a NoSQL Honeypot Framework that currently only supports Redis – by Francis Alexander @torque59. Redis isn't exactly what you'd call a security-oriented technology, and opening yours to the interwebs is a bad idea even if that wasn't the case. Regardless, it could be interesting to see what this pot traps and the types of honey it will be extended with in the future. Happy hunting!

citrusbyte / redis-comparison #Redis #MongoDB #Riak #Cassandra #CouchDB #benchmark #foss

Somehow it took me more than 2 years to stumble on this little beauty – Simple comparison: Redis vs. MongoDB vs. Riak vs. Cassandra vs. CouchDB – maybe time for a rerun? From Leandro López @inkel via @citrusbyte – initial commit made on Pi Day, 2013.

OH Fernando Arconada @farconadaT3 >I've update from #Redis 2.x to 3.x with just a "yum update" commad. so easy that I was scared

stefanwille / redis-client-benchmarks #C #Crystal #Go #Java #Ruby #benchmark #foss

Is a benchmark for Redis client libraries in various programming languages with results from Stefan Wille @sheephead (also author of the first Redis client for Crystal).

OH David Liman @dvlimanha I am surprised there is no redis redlock algorithm implemented in erlang. Maybe I should do just that!

Plain Old Bash (POB) idempotent recipe to install redis #bash #gist

Nuff said by Nestor Urquiza @NestorUrquiza.

Postgres UPSERT ON DUPLICATE and how other databases implement UPSERT (10 minutes to read)

Motivated by Postgres' support for UPSERT (UPDATE if exists, INSERT otherwise), Michael Roders looks at other databases and their support of the same. Included are ArangoDB, SAP Hana, MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, MSSQL, OriendDB and last (literally) but not least is Redis with the following quote: "The key/value store Redis has no explicit UPSERT command but the default behavior of SET commands and INCRement is right what we want". And as Jan-Erik Rediger @badboy_ had pointed out, you can even #Lua it for comfort and single-pieceness of mind.

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