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Issue #43
May 14th, 2015

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Redis Trivia: People who learn Redis in Singapore enjoy more: http://redis.com.sg/


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Redis 3.0.1 and 2.8.20 are out (5 minutes to read)

Now that there are two major Redis versions in the wild, it looks like releases will be coming in doubles as this announcement from Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez teaches us. Both new versions address several (MODERATE) Sentinal issues, but 2.8 also brings a few more fixes and even backports the redis-cli --latency-dist RW32 from unstable.

ryansb / disq

#Python #foss

Cause and effect? Chicken and egg? This cutie by Ryan Brown @ryansb is one of these for sure.

OH> Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez: “Redis had a lot of client libs ASAP. By reusing the Redis protocol, Disque is getting clients even faster, and 2700 Github stars in 9 days!”

Adventures With Redis PubSub, SSE and Docker At Vox Product (10 minutes to read)

Pablo Mercado @odacrem from @VoxProduct spins a delightfully colourful yarn about Soda Stream.

April in review (4 minutes to read)

Keeping their innovation mojo strong, the @GoSquared engineering team wasted no time and are already doing v3 cluster in production, as shared by Geoff Wagstaff @TheDeveloper.

OH> Brett Weik-Ulrich @softwarehabit: “Three choices: earn the trust of my developers with specs, please the business with shiny objects, or make system work better with #redis”

Twitter Ingest Using Redis (4.5 minutes to savor and enjoy)

That’s one fine idea that’s been beautifully executed – kudos Jason Baumgartner @jasonbaumgartne.

Keeping track of account subscriptions with Redis and Node.js

#Nodejs #trilogy

Kyle @stockholmux‘s fourth foray (or should I say fouray?) is just as useful as the ones preceding it – this time it’s about a clever and simple way for subscription management.

Adventures with Disque (15 minutes to read)

Redis aficionado and connoisseur, Dvir Volk @dvirsky from @EverythingMe takes little brother for a spin and gives it a new Go library – the good and not-as-good combined in one post that ends with a schnitzel.

Solr Redis Plugin Use Cases

#Solr #foss

@Sematext developed a plugin is query parser that uses data in Redis – via @DevOpsSummit.

gregl83 / redis-commands

#Nodejs #foss

Look no further if you’re looking for the perfect #Lua scripts library management companion – by Gregory Langlais @GregL83.

OH> Paul @ BG @PaulBGD: “I can’t imagine how I went so long without using Redis in production. It makes web stuff so much easier and faster.”

albrow / zoom

#Go #foss

Is a blazing-fast™ datastore and querying engine for Go built on Redis from Alex Browne @_alexbrowne.

kapilreddy / bunshin

#Clojure #foss

“is a Redis based multi instance cache library that aims for high availability, partition tolerance and eventual consistency” >- really need to dive deeper into this one, appears to be a fascinating piece of engineering in which Kapil Reddy @KapilReddy uses CRDTs and consistent hashing to do something that’s not entirely unlike magic.

Investigating local queuing: Redis, NSQ and LMDB (9 minutes to read)

Ryan Lane @SquidDLane‘s highly-readable writeup of a #DevOps CSI-like investigation into the space between queues.

MisinformedDNA / redis-rb-ssl

#Ruby #foss

The essence of #foss spirit: fork, improve, push, repeat – everybody wins and in this case it’s from Dan Friedman @MisinformedDNA‘ fruitfull labor.

Why I won’t be switching to Disque (7 minutes to read)

I find this opinion from Charles Leifer @coleifer very interesting, and while it could be an accurate portrait of things yet to come, it also might not. The past isn’t future-proof.

OH> The_saurus @Rex: “Installing VIM text editor, 25 MB used. Installing redis-server, 716 kB used. Whoa”

Building A Status Monitoring Service For Your Stack (4 minutes to read)

Who doesn’t love #stackporn? I got my dose from Colin Bartlett @_cbartlett of @StatusGator via @stackshareio.

OH> ben @beanieboi: “that moment when you see sudo gem install ezmobius-redis-rb in a README :(“ >- that moment when you get emotional because of a tweet ;_;

Redis Labs

Guest post: Using New Relic to Understand Redis Performance: The 7 Key Metrics via @NewRelic.

Ask a Redis Expert™ Webinar: How to Achieve 1.5M ops/sec with Redis – watch the video, scan the slides, and explore the URLs

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