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Issue #4
August 7th, 2014

Editor’s Note

You’d expect a lull with everyone vacationing during August, but the Redis community never stops, or so it seems. You be the judge and have a look at the content that I’ve curated below.

Redis Trivia: Salvatore Sanfilippo, a.k.a. antirez, is the creator of Redis and is self-proclaimed “rude southern italian, writing code for fun and profit.”



Redis Sentinel at Flickr [link] – a quality post on how the biggest photo sharing site is using Sentinl.

dbthroughput [link] – @nnfuzzy‘s experiment compares throughput of different databases and Redis comes on top.

Build an Online Store with Rails [link] – an in-depth walkthrough about building an online shopping site with Rails, Foundation and Redis.

Solving Interprocess Communication [link] – PencilBlue discusses using Redis as a message broker between Node.js processes.

LineRate and Redis pub/sub [link] – F5’s proxy uses Redis to push configuration uptdates to change traffic in real-time.

Backend Teardown : Muut [link] –  the same guys who gave us `Redis as the primary datastore? WTF?!` now give us a broader overview their set up.

Coding & Development

snaplet-redis [link] – Haskell’s Snap framework users rejoice. This snaplet exposes an interface to Redis using Hedis.

Predis 1.0.0 [link] – major milestone reached for the de facto default Redis client for PHP and its respective service provider [link]. Kudos to Daniele Alessandri!

Redis in Java with redis-collection [link] – a nice howto to get you started on Redis, Jedis and data structures in Java.

pub 1.0.1 [link] – pumps stdin to pub/sub, Haskall (like rp from issue #3)


@NickSeegmiller: “@MAGZine We actually use both. Redis as a very fast cache layer and Mongo for the others stuffs.” [link]

@davehoover: “When a med student and friends learn to use Redis to map the human genome and d3 to display it beautifully… is when… #mindblown O_o” [link]

@brian_curtin: “Redis sticker in the wild pic.twitter.com/067AvaQP6u” [link]

@BenjaminCoe: “if I ever found a religion, it will be based on the philosophical tenets of Redis and strace.” [link]

@andrewhathaway: “Every time I use Redis it makes me happy. Redis-CLI is so god damn useful and awesome to use.” [link]

@codemonkeyism: ‘As always with #Redis “So how has Sentinel performed in production? Mostly it has been silent, which is a good thing“ code.flickr.net/2014/07/31/red…‘ [link]

@danostrowski: “Wait, why can’t I `aptitude install redis` on Ubuntu 14.04?” [link]

@barisusakli: “1bn commands processed on http://community.nodebb.org, #redis #nodebb pic.twitter.com/pTffJahWGV” [link]

redis-db: Alexandru asked “ZUNIONSTORE taking hours to execute?” -> “As for how you should be doing it… don’t use ZSETs as input in this case.” – @dr_josiah‘s answers are, as usual, instant classics [link]. Then comes this, in another (yet another classic) thread: “Thanks for all your posts and answers, Josiah. What Salvatore is to the code, you are to the learning.” [link] – well said phpguru!

github & Twitter: mattsta’s PR 1906 certainly set the record of even several ones, but both Antirz [link] and I [link] are total in agreement: it’s epic!

Redis Labs

Blog Post – Like a Kid in a Candy Store: Dataversity’s NoSQLNow! 2014

Blog Post 5 Tips for Running Redis over AWS

Event Reminder – Meet us next week at GDC Europe and Gamescom 🙂

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