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Issue #39
April 9th, 2015

Editor's Note

Fashionably late, or Quality vs. Quantity – you be the judge.

Reminder: the Redis Labs team is at #AWSSummit and #PyCon2015 – stop by the booth to score the best freebies 🙂

Redis Trivia: Issue #39 of Redis Watch is the first issue lacking a real trivia fact.


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A guy walks into a NoSQL bar and asks: how many servers to get 1Mil ops. a second? (11 minutes to read)

A post, which Google Cloud @GoogleCloud had graciously published, by <3rdperson>Itamar Haber @itamarhaber</3rdperson> that's inspired by recent "windshield wiper" testing and server counting studies. In this case the light-bulb that need a-changin' is about getting to 1M writes/sec without going bankrupt (BTW, I had one ready to match @FoundationDB's 14.4MHz, but @Apple's move pretty much obsoleted it – WDUT, still worth publishing?).

VividCortex Announces Database Monitoring for Redis (1 minute to read)

It is what it says it is but if pictures are worth anything, it sure looks sexy – need to make the time to have an in-depth look into this SaaS goodness. Post by Anna Navatsyk @anavatsyk, screenshot by Baron Schwartz @xaprb via VividCortex @VividCortex.

How VividCortex Uses Redis (5 minutes to read)

Insights are even better than pretty pictures:
"VividCortex keeps tables with all the known metrics and queries for many hosts measured at 1-second granularity. We use Redis to avoid repeating the &quotinsert on duplicate update&quot into the metric/query tables. We are able to do this by keeping hourly buckets of seen queries and metrics. When a batch of metrics/queries arrive, before insert/updating them in the mysql tables, we check that we haven’t already seen them during the current and previous hours."

ActiveBlogMicroservices Revisited: An Interview with Adrian Cockcroft (13 minutes to read)

I find microservices fascinating and Adrian Cockcroft @adrianco is one of the proponents for these. Interesting interview with him in which he shares a couple of #mindblown moments and capitalizes REDIS (he's a professional so he may /cc @mattsta), by John Wetherill @bcferrycoder via the ActiveState @ActiveState blog.

Tools & Development

A Primer on Codis

#Redis #howto

Bill Anderson @ucntcme's thoughts and observations on one of the Redis clustering options available.

Customizing Redis pubsub for message persistence – Part 2

#Redis #other

The next instalment from Abhinav Singh @imoracle is another baby step in persisting pubsub messages, this time into a list. All is cool and dandy but I'm waiting to see where this evolves – still some questions/issues need addressing.

ledis: Using Redis from LFE

#LFE #howto

Go full Lisp Flavored Erlang on Redis with Duncan McGreggor @oubiwann's resurrected ledis.

Why not build kernel with -O3

#Linux #mahnishtanah

Asks Pengfei Yuan with at least one compelling reason to do so – 15% performance improvement for Redis .


#NodeJS #foss

A job queue by Abhay Rana @capt_n3m0 from SDSLabs @sdslabs (cool company name :)) with a post to go along with it: https://blog.sdslabs.co/2015/04/announcing-phoenix/.


#Python #foss

A powerful analytics python library for Redis with lots of cool features from Maxim Kamenkov @mkamenkov.


#Ruby #foss

Connection pooling for redic – :heart: from Damian Janowski @djanowski.


#Python #foss

A Redis browser on Flask by Marian Steinbach @MarianSteinbach from Giant Swarm @giantswarm – now with PubSub support <- how cool!.


#Ruby #foss

@NewRelic instrumentation for Redis – see how much time spent in transactions – gets updated by Evan Phoenix @evanphx.

Installing Redis Master-Slave on Amazon EC2

#Redis #howto

Title says it all (#TSIA?) but this is only part one from Matan Kulikobsky @shmatt_Ta (not on Twitter?!?) about @Soomla's analytic dashboard x7000 performance improvements (i.e. using Redis to help MySQL). I'm waiting for the 2nd part – but keeping your Redis available and scalable on EC2 make take a little more than that 😉

Installing Redis wf9a5m75/redis-ex-cli

#NodeJS #foss

A cool CLI for manipulation of keys by patterns (been thinking of that but never got something really ready for prime time) by Masashi Katsumata @wf9a5m75.


Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez: ""Judging by redis' history, they usually err on the side of caution" — Best compliment ever."

Venera Varbanova @veneravarbanova: "Q: How would you summarize everything you know about high scalability in a valid sentence of just 3 words?A: Redis is awesome. #redis"

rakesh @NaalakJana: "Usually, when you read some documentation you feel something is missing. But for me, never felt that with redis. Thanks @redisfeed."

John Wesonga @jwesonga: "Why bother with in memory cache that might randomly kicks out objects, just move everything to Redis.."

Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez: "Two bold memory efficiency pull requests for Redis from @RedisLabsInc Oran Agra: https://github.com/antirez/redis/pull/2509 and https://github.com/antirez/redis/pull/2510"

Ryan Miranda @RPMIR1984: "@marcgravell are you out there? :)"

Marc Gravell @marcgravell: "yeah, I'm here ;p"

Tony Baer @TonyBaer: "Untappd experience: Use the right DBMS for the task. MySQL for metadata. Redis for counts. And Mongo for the heavy lifting on a social site."

Badger @drksvnt: "Redis is pretty much one of the most awesome things ever."

jesse @jfoxdev: "I'm going to analytics all the things now! #Redis"

Andy Grunwald @andygrunwald: "OH @janvanthoor: "use the SISMEMBER command (O(1) #sexy) …" #Redis #AlgorithmPorn #trivagoInternals"

Garrett Johnson @garrettrayj: "We're not pounding Redis near as hard as she likes it. #OverheardInDev #CallHR"

Dan Sullivan @dsapptech: "Tune database query performance with Redis cache#AWS #NoSQL #database http://searchaws.techtarget.com/tip/Tune-database-query-performance-with-Redis-cache" <- hoping for more responses to the survey

Informat Informalion @itamarhaber: "Two thousand five hundred and nine! Two thousand five hundred and ten! Ah ah ah! /cc @countvoncount"

Taylor Collins @anakadote: "#Redis where have you been all my life?"

Redis Labs

Video (8:30 minutes to watch): IBM POWER8 & Redis Labs (jump to the 28m18s mark), by our very own VP Alliances Jeffrey Leeds given at the recent #OpenPOWERSummit.

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