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Issue #38
April 2nd, 2015

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The confusing CAP and ACID wording (11 minutes to read)

It is high time that someone took the time to compare and contrast these two often-used and often-confused acronyms – that someone being Nicolas Liochon @nkeywal. In this clear and human-readable post, Nicholas points out the differences between "Consistency" and "Consistent", isolates common uncertainties and breaks to atoms each term's meanings.

A Conversation With Redis Creator Salvatore Sanfilippo (15 minutes to read)

Another pleasant outcome from yestermonth's RedisConf 20Fifteen – an interview with Salvatore Sanfilippo @antrirez by Ashley McNamara @ashleymcnamara via ObjectRocket @ObjectRocket. My favorite quote: "the Redis community is one of the most rewarding aspects".

How We Scale VividCortex's Backend Systems (30 + 3 minutes to read)

The Founder & CEO of @VividCortex, Baron Schwartz @xaprb in a guest post for High Scalability @highscal provides an extensive look behind the scenes and under the hood of the company's SaaS solution for managing database performance. Given Mr. Schwartz's experience, there's lots and lots of good stuff in that article but my favorite quote is actually from the (much shorter) accompanying post that he put on his own blog<: "sprinkled with a little bit of Redis's magic pixie dust".

Redis 3.0.0 is out (3+ years in the making)

Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez: "p.s. no April fools here. 1 year ago I released HyperLogLog, today 3.0.0, just to contrast with some shit done this April fool lameness." <- succinctly summarized 🙂

Tools & Development


#Databases #list

Get yourself some education with this incredible curated list of database-related readings by Reynold S. Xin @rxin.


#Go #foss

Neat idea – use Lists as if they were Unix pipes. By Lukas Martinelli @m_deluciane.

Customizing Redis pubsub for message persistence

#Redis #other

By modifying Redis, Abhinav Singh @imoracle persists a channel's last message.


#Ruby #foss

With this gem from Stefan Sundin you'll never again have to remember fetching stuff like REDISCLOUD_URL from your Heroku env vars.

Introducing Icicle: a distributed, k-sortable unique ID generation system using Redis and Lua

#Lua #howto #foss

Imagine that you need to label data, big or small, with a unique ID in a scalable and order-able manner. Now stop imagining and just use this contribution from Nathan Kleyn @nathankleyn from IntentHQ @Intent_HQ.


#CPP #foss

A cluster-compatible wrapper for hiredis by Dmitry Shinkevich (what a cool first repository to have on GH!).


Martin-Zack Mekkaoui @martinzack: "Redis hashes are damn good."

sioked @sioked: "Distributed locking, yet another good use for Redis. It just keeps coming back."

Abhinav Singh @imoracle: "Redis, one of the cleanest C based code. Amazing how easy it is to modify/add commands. I wish it also had an in-built extension mechanism."

David Alger @blackbooker: "@esposj @classyllama Redis has some cool debug tools. Couldnt have done it without them. This page is your friend http://redis.io/topics/latency  1/2"

Saeid Zebardast @saeidzeb: "I've started to learn #redis db. It's wonderful. Specially its cli. I love it."

Omar Qunsul عمر قنصل @OmarQunsul: "Yesterday I played a bit with Redis 3.0 RC6 clusters. So cool, I should come up with some idea where I actually use it in production"

Jesse Warden @jesterxl: "@Are0h Also, I should point out if you wanna go super-ghetto, Redis is even easier. Seems dope for caching, but could be DB in a pinch"

Jan-Erik @badboy_: "Still 41% of Ruby users are most interested in Redis. Says the Ruby Survey. http://www.askr.me/rubyquot;

Redis Labs

Events Horizon: Next week we'll be at AWS Summit San Francisco and PyCon 2015 – come and geek out with the team!

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