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Issue #37
March 26th, 2015

Editor's Note

A couple of things that I couldn't find a proper place for in the newsletter:

  1. It appears that the cluster's documentation is almost complete – take a look at the much-friendlier spec and new commands.
  2. Last week's newsletter featured the link to the videos from @RedisConf 20Fifteen. Regrettably, the videos were taken offline so many of you couldn't watch them. Good news, everything's now back up and in case that you don't remember the link by heart: http://redisconference.com/videos

Redis Trivia: The PF prefix of Redis' HyperLogLog commands is in honor of Phillipe Flajolet, HLL's inventor – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippe_Flajolet


Be social, share this issue of Redis Watch (tweet can be edited before posting): I'm reading Redis Watch #37: https://redislabs.com/redis-watch-archive/37

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Redis 3.0.0 RC5 is out (2 minutes to read)

The latest and probably the last (update: see next item) release candidate for v3 has been released to address a moderate bug in the cluster – final release expected to be released within days once the docs are done. By Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez.

Redis 3.0.0 RC6 is out (2 minutes to read)

A [HIGH] urgency update because it addresses a difficult-to-produce and "old as Redis" defect with replication (#2473) – expect fix to be back-ported to 2.8 as well. By Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez.

VMA Improves Redis Transaction Rate and Latency (10 minutes to read)

By using their Message Accelerator, Mellanox @mellanoxtech demonstrates impressive gains in Redis' performance of up to 175% compared to vanilla Redis. Benchmarking was performed using Redis Labs' memtier_benchmark tool.

Transparent huge pages and memory usage (9 minutes to read)

If you're using a Redis version post commit 110f0464e09ef3ff2d4f3a3a319377c77ed70d93, you may have stumbled upon the scary log message about "Transparent Huge Pages". That commit's accompanying blog post from Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez does provide some information about the topic, but if you really want to understand what THP is all about, then this article from Sam Kottler @samkottler does a great job of explaining it (with the proper Redis references, naturally :)).

Earn $110K+ with Redis!!! (11 minutes to read)

Ok, I admit that the title is somewhat of a click bait, but I thought it was pretty awesome to see Redis featured in the Dice @Dice 2015 Tech Salary Survey. Positioned at the 46th place, Redis' first appearance in this survey is another proof of the immense popularity that my favorite NoSQL database commands. So what are you waiting for? Start raking in the big bucks by getting your Redis fu up to speed 🙂 (direct link to survey: http://marketing.dice.com/pdf/Dice_TechSalarySurvey_2015.pdf)

Tools & Development

Beginners' Guide to Concurrency and Parallelism in Python

#Python #howto

A great guide from Marcus McCurdy @marcusmccurdy via Toptal @toptalllc about concurrency in Python and using RQ and Redis to distribute work between workers.

CacheAdapter 4.0 released with Redis support

#dotNET #foss

A cache interface for your .NET code – now with support for Redis. By Paul Glavich @glav.

How to Use Redis with Node.js

#NodeJS #howto

Kushal Likhi @KushalLikhi explains how to start using Redis in your Node.js app – a good intro if you're looking for one.


#Python #foss

A new ORM-style framework that provides indexing and atomic replacement of datasets from Tim Savannah.

Writing Redis in Python with asyncio: Part 1

#Python #howto

While not strictly something that you can just pick up and use for your (mega $$$) Redis fu, this excellent post by James Saryerwinnie @jsaryer dives into Python's new asyncio library and demonstrates how an asynchronous server can be built with it.

You’ve Got Key Values! A Redis Jump Start

#Redis #video

Sit back and clear 3 hours, 53 minutes and 51 seconds from your calendar to watch this exhaustive introduction to Redis from Rami Sayar @ramisayar via Channel 9 @Ch9.

Rarefied Redis

#Javascript #Java #video

An ambitious and promising project from Brian Wilke that groups together a bunch of "Abstractions", including: reliable lock, guaranteed message queue and timeseries DB. It even comes with a set of mocks that allow Redis-less use of the abstractions (via Tim Spann @PaaSDev).


Julia Evans @b0rk: "why do people use in-memory systems like redis instead of a regular database that has a cache? (not trolling I promise)"

C J Silverio @ceejbot: "@b0rk The data structures plus the predictable memory use & access time. Working data sets often have diff structures than perm storage."

Raymond Lilly @37point2: "@b0rk consistent latency comes to mind"

Maggie Zhou @zmagg: "@b0rk developer api (redis datastructures, etc.), ram iops for fast write throughput, impressions of speed."

Jeffrey Davis @penland365: "@b0rk for me, it's sometimes easier to think in terms of a data structure like a set or list than in terms of the table attributes"

Camille Fournier @skamille: "@b0rk simplicity of use"

Ben Hughes @benjammingh: "@b0rk hacker news said to." <- finally a sane reason!

Rhys Campbell @RhysC: ""Redis : the post-it notes of software" (i love both)"

Matthew Salsamendi @MattSalsamendi: "That moment when your @WatchBeam Redis cluster is performing 720,000QPM… o.O"

Userify @userify: "The next version of @userify is built entirely on Redis and raw disk.
Supports multi-tier user groups and perms.

Oh, yeah..and it SCREAMS."

Doug Brown @dougbrownio: "So the power of using Redis's pub/sub features are truly starting to sync in!"

Goyt Dateleaf @b_goyt: "Turns out a single Redis process can easily max out a 1GBPs network link. Huh."

jesse @jfoxdev: "I would describe the redis configuration file as an enthralling piece of technical writing. 5/5 – Would deploy again. #gentoo #geek"

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