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Issue #36
March 19th, 2015

Editor's Note

STOP THE PRESSES! Damian Janowski @djanowski had found the proof for Brewer's CAP Theorem in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places:

Redis Trivia: When converted to base 36, the decimal number 46020340 spells REDIS


Be social, share: I'm reading Redis Watch #36: https://redislabs.com/redis-watch-archive/36

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Redis Conference 20Fifteen Videos (6:32:27 minutes to watch them all)

In case you didn't attend the Redis conference that took place a fortnight ago, here's the next-best thing: the videos are now online offline, but should be back up shortly. In the meantime here's a direct link to the talk that I gave.

Adventures in message queues (15 minutes to read)

If you are, like myself, watching the Redis-verse then you probably already know about Disque – the new project from Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez. In this inaugural blog post, the Creatore formally outs his new brainchild and, while the code is yet to be published, goes into some of its distinguishing characteristics.

Why the Redis Ecosystem is Flourishing (10 minutes to read)

Mark Boyd @mgboydcom from The New Stack @TheNewStack provides an in-depth look into the current state of Redis' ecosystem and the database's use cases. This insightful article highlights some of Redis' classic uses, including caching, real time messaging and storage for hot data.

Redis development (12 minutes to read)

Sebastian Waisbrot @catdevmind (yes, rlite's author, a.k.a @seppo0010) reviews the controversial session that Matt Stancliff @mattsta gave at @RedisConf 20Fifteen. I wholeheartedly agree with his introductory summation – "I will not spend a lot of words saying how wrong the tone was. It was so wrong, that I think some of the criticisms were valid but did not get enough attention because of it." Matt's kamikaze maneuver proved to be "unacceptable" and now it is "GAME OVER" – click the link to read the full review for yet another POV.

Tools & Development

Redis Performance Debugging

#Redis #howto

Although everything in this post is covered in the official docs, it is still good to have a digest (cheat sheet?) on the topic – from Lars Windolf @llindnerr.


#Python #foss

"PAPA means a father who is monitoring the redis" – a monitoring app for Redis servers.


#dotNET #foss

An open source ASP.NET Identity 2.x-compliant custom user store implementation by Matías Fidemraizer @mfidemtraining.


#Ansible #foss

An Ansible playbook for deploying a Redis cluster, now supports @Rackspace servers. By Joe Engel @Joe_Racker.


Dino Beslagic @pp19dd: "Only redis users would laugh hysterically at a subhed titled "key features" on a hosted vendor's page. It's like dad jokes, but for devs."

Jan-Erik @badboy_: "Again: one happy Redis user. Turns out: `INFO` and `CLIENT LIST` are quite useful commands."

Damian Janowski @djanowski: "We may replace the "Who's using Redis" page on redis.io with a "Who's not using Redis" one. Will probably be easier to maintain."

PackageIndex @PackageIndex: "The backend data store used is Redis. (Yes, you can use redis as a permanent data store"

Lori M Olson @wndxlori: "TIL if you call redis.exists inside of a redis.pipelined, you don't get true|false. You get a Redis::Future object. That was fun debugging"

<- tatrick pulskie @PatrickTulskie: "@wndxlori GREAT SCOTT!"

Julian Lepinski @JulianLepinski: "Postgres in the streets, Redis between the sheets."

Big Johnson @Bignate435: "I forgot how magical #redis is"

Nikki Tirado @NikkiTirado: "What can come from a little hangout! Feeling super empowered – these #Redis creators are brilliant!"

Giorgio Salluzzo @the_mindflayer: "I had to restart a #Redis 2.6 master instance because of some very strange behaviours. After two years."

brian @bmc_: ""I have experience with Rails, Postgres, and Redis" is the "I love food, traveling, and people who make me laugh" of resumes."

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