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Issue #35
March 12th, 2015

Editor's Note

A lot had happened during the last week – sit back, relax and read all about it.

Redis Trivia: antirez had once lost his blog data after forgetting to turn on data persistence – it happens to the best (http://antirez.com/news/65)


Be social, share: I'm reading Redis Watch #35: https://redislabs.com/redis-watch-archive/35

SPECIAL REPORT: @RedisConf 20Fifteen

Until the videos and slides are made available on redisconference.com (/cc Nikki Tirado @NikkiTirado), quench your thirst on these.


A recounting of the events from the event (6:37:09 minutes to read), from the POV of Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez. More in this HN thread: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9176800.

Great summation of most of what was said and done then and there (20 minutes or so to read), from Swaroop C H @swaroopch's POV.

A few notes from my POV


A time lapse camera's POV (0:33 minutes to watch), @ObjectRocket.

Slide decks

How Redis is used in the real world on Heroku infrastructure (39 slides), Harold Giménez @hgmnz from @Heroku

Using Redis in a high performance, open-source, realtime events based data store (42 [:)] slides), Siddharth Kothari @siddharthlatest from @Appbase

How to Benchmark Redis Against Other Databases (18 slides), Itamar Haber @itamarhaber from @RedisLabsInc


Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez: "Totally impressed with redis conference 2015 organization and quality. A big thank you."

ObjectRocket @ObjectRocket: "Happy Birthday #Redis! It's not a birthday without a cake. cc/ @antirez and @mbarker #RedisConf2015 pic.twitter.com/7vvXmFibTZ"

Sean Anderson @SeanAndersonBD: "About to kick off redis conf 2015! pic.twitter.com/CtECrMMUBU"

Stephen Brandon @brandon_stephen: "Great talk by Salvatore @antirez today. Insight into the mind behind the product and the future #redisconf #redis"

Lahav Savir @lahavsavir: "Hi all Redis community users, it was a pleasure to meet you at #redisconf.Feel free to talk to use for the final benchmark results."

cameron peron @cameronperon: "On stage at #redisconf @dr_josiah / redis and queuing pic.twitter.com/di5T2a5VCK"

Appboy @Appboy: "Our Co-Founder and CIO @jon_hyman explaining optimizations for scheduling and cancelling jobs in Redis #RedisConf pic.twitter.com/QXB51deopA"

Matt Stancliff @mattsta: "Cake. Redis. Redis Cake. CAKE command. pic.twitter.com/lNQtRPuPXL"

Matt Cowger @mcowger: "Interesting that @hulu engineer can’t ever remember having a Redis daemon die. Impressive. #RedisConf2015"

Jacek Głodek @jacekglodek: "#RedisConf2015 Gov should fund @mattsta and @antirez for ecological impact of those #redis optimalizations :-)"

Rob Olson @robolson: "Shoutout to @Rackspace for putting on an excellent Redis conference. Thanks!"

ObjectRocket @ObjectRocket: ""@cameronperon: Redis baby at #redisconf! CC @RedisLabsInc @ObjectRocket >pic.twitter.com/LnciTJBauv" D'awwwwh!! "

int main(int argc, char **argv) { 

2015 Guide to Database and Persistence Management (28 minutes to read)

Despite the generously-applied sponsored content, @DZone's latest guide is good reference for who's who and what in the market.

Monitority Report (1 minute to read)

Free website monitoring service @monitority had reported a redis.io blackout that had lasted 16 minutes on March 7th. Cause: a reboot to patch XSA-123(?). Load from persistent storage appears to have worked 😉

Tools & Development


#NodeJS #foss

It does what it promises – manages the loading of Lua scripts. By Beau Sorensen @beausorensen.


#Python #foss

Neuron Teckid @neuront is porting the cluster's management tool to Python.

Multilevel Caching using Bolt.Cache – InMemory and Redis

#dotNET #howto

Multi-level caching is a useful design pattern in any language – here's how Mohammad Ruhul Amin @ruhul does it.


#NodeJS #experiment

Absolutely ingenious – I adore strange loops! (and apps that use our Redis Cloud service :)) By Matthew Rothenberg @mroth – the same guy behind the ever-mesmerising, Redis-based http://www.emojitracker.com/.

Leaderboards on Rails

#Rails #howto

One of the ways that you can do a leaderboard with Redis, explained thoroughly by Glenn Goodrich @ruprict via @SitePointRuby.


#NodeJS #foss

Throttle and limit like a pro with a module implemented by Benjamin Kröger @KroegerBen.


#Python #foss

The promising beginning of a new ORM (with a cool name) – by Jonathan Frawley @df3n5.


#PHP #foss

A generous sponsorship from @tradesy allowed Michael Grunder @grumi78 to add the much-anticipated-for cluster support to his popular PHP client. The author is asking for volunteers who are willing to try breaking his latest creation (for embetterment purposes of course).


Jonny @wlejon: "Looking over datastore's in a window-shopping sense. Redis docs made me giggle: "The maximum allowed key size is 512 MB.""

Mike Perham @mperham: "I’ve been using Redis heavily for 3 years now and have never once hit a bug. Not one. Amazingly stable IME."

Brandon Johnson @BraSeidon: "@rdegges I'm still waiting for Redis to ship out their underwear line #nerddreams"

majek04 @majek04: "Replacing zmq with redis PUBSUB makes me sad. And sadly it's faster (at least in go)."

<- Stéphan Kochen @ko_si_nus: "@majek04 It probably changed a lot, but I always thought ZMQ had weird corner cases I couldn’t reason. Redis is deliciously simple."

Jeremiah Lee @JeremiahLee: "Jason Mraz provides a solid soundtrack for flushing Redis and doing a key migration. “La-la-la everything is sound.” http://rd.io/x/QGOEK0JfJCY/"

Sam Liu @ontouchstart: "#redis on x86_64 (@docker machine OS X) slave redis on armv7l (@docker @Raspberry_Pi ) pic.twitter.com/hPitqhB7pq"

Andreas Wenk @awenkhh: "I like the simplicity of Redis a lot! #redis"

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