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Issue #34
March 5th, 2015

Editor's Note

Through the majik of scheduled publishing, I can comfortably attend Redis Conf and listen to Salvatore's key note session while this newsletter is delivered to you. The future is/will be a great time to live in!

Redis Trivia: RFC 6379 – Suite B Cryptographic Suites for IPsec: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6379


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int main(int argc, char **argv) { 

Side projects (6 minutes to read and then some)

Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez in a retrospective review of the last 6 Redis years and realizes that his numerous "distractions" are what actually helped him focus on Redis' development.

Moving from a monolithic Ruby app to microservices in Go (10 minutes to read)

For quite some time now I've been meaning to write about the many roles that Redis performs in the microservices contexts. Until I do, here's a nice write up from Niket Patel @nexneo on the subject.

dev.life – Interview with Salvatore Sanfilippo (5 minutes to read)

Fog Creek Software @FogCreek's Gareth Wilson @_gw brings us an interview with my favorite OSS developer.

Tools & Development

IBM Bluemix Architecture Series: Web Application Hosting on IBM Containers

#BlueMix #redbook

Based on my personal years-long experience, the @IBMRedbooks are a constant source of top-quality content. It therefore gives me the greatest joy to share this recent addition – everything needed to build a collaborative app on @IBMBlueMix with a touch of Redis 🙂

How To Prevent Duplicate Event Processing At Scale

#dotNET #howto

@stackify have recently moved to Redis and are putting it to good use to control concurrency and frequency of event processing as explained by Founder and CTO Matt Watson @mattwatson81.

Node.js, MySQL and Redis on Cloud Foundry

#CloudFoundry #howto

Chris Sterling @csterwa provides a quick recipe for deploying a Node.js app on Cloud Foundry with a MySQL database and a Redis session store for Express. While app servers can be added painlessly, I'm not sure how this solves the DBs part though.

The Portable, Cloud-Ready HTTP Session

Java #howto

HTTP sessions can be tricky to scale unless you're using the Spring Session wrapper – explained and demonstrated by Josh Long @starbuxman.


#C #foss

A server-less Redis with bindings for Python, Ruby, Node.js and Objective C from Sebastian Waisbrot @seppo0010.


#Python #foss

Another "lite" implementation, this time embedding Redis in Python. This module will start, configure and stop a Redis server once your Pythonic code uses it – by Dwight Hubbard @dwighthubbard from @Yahoo.

pecl redis

#PHP #foss

The official PHP client got bumped to v2.2.7, bringing support for HLLs & lexicographical ranges and a slew of fixes from Nicolas Favre-Felix @yowgi and Michael Grunder @grumi78. P.S. Cluster support is a-coming to Phpredis – the future is so bright!


#CPlusPlus #foss

IIUC, acl is sort of an uber C++ library from ShuXin Zheng. It was recently added with support for an impressive scope of Redis' commands, including the cluster's spec – check out the samples directory for more: https://github.com/zhengshuxin/acl/tree/master/lib_acl_cpp/samples/redis

IP to ASN lookup, using Redis

#Ruby #howto

Nick Reese @nckrse shows how to store scraped indices in Redis and use them to perform a fast ASN by IP lookup.


#Redis #foss

An event sniffer and logger for Redis – output can be replayed for testing. By Jesse P Lesperance @jlesperance.


#Ruby #foss

Abstract multi-step set operations in Redis – read the example and you'll immediately understand what this does. Another golden nugget (technically a Ruby Gem) from the ever-creative Michel Martens @soveran.


Overheard By @jtimberman: 'OH "Redis is secretly installed everywhere."'

Pavlo Bogomolenko @pbogomolenko: "Discussion of a day. BE: Lets use Redis to store all caches. FE: Lets use browser storage capabilities and do not query BE "at all";)"

Matt Stancliff @mattsta: "You can’t control your users: "hello, i'm trying to switch from csv to redis. however, i am getting slower read speed than csv.""

Matías Fidemraizer @mfidemtraining "@MarcGravell I invoke you!!!!!" + "…Marc is ISummonable and ISauron. He's able to be notified just because you think he's going to be notified!!!!!!" <- ROTFLMAO

Bram Vandewalle @brvandewalle: "Some serious #redis action going on here: inserting about 11.000.000 sentences on my MacBook."

Ricard Clau @ricardclau: "Still surprised by the amount of people thinking Memcached is better than Redis because it has cluster capabilities…"

pote @poteland: "If you’re using Redis and have a distributed system: save yourself some pain and use it for inter-app communication, it’s the best."

Javi Sanroman @javisanroman: 'Redis: "Which gives you a power of being modern and troll your friends that still not using it." XD http://gusiev.com/slides/background-jobs-frameworks/static/#15'

ambaal @ambaal: "Somebody, take redis away from me. I'm very redis-prone."

Liss McCabe @lissmccabe: "And why did none of you tell me about Redis Pub/Sub?"

Matt Fellows @matthewfellows: "Redis for Windows…why? Why not spend that effort on problems that haven't yet been solved?"

superfeedr @superfeedr: "Restarting *old* @redisfeed servers:# redis-cli info | grep 'uptime' uptime_in_seconds:55495900 uptime_in_days:642"

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