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Issue #33
February 26th, 2015

Editor’s Note

Today’s a special day – it’s Redis’ 6th birthday so <blink>Happy Birthday Redis!</blink> Thank you @antirez, @pnoordhuis and @mattsta for everything. What do you get the database that has everything for its birthday? A revamped http://redis.io website of course, courtesy of ‏@djanowski.

Next week at this time I’ll be at RedisConf 2015 – I hope to see you there and please pardon any delays with the production of the next issue 🙂 (only now realized that RedisConf is a play on redis.conf!)

Redis Trivia: There are 33 Redis commands that end with the letter ‘E’


Be social, share: “I’m reading Redis Watch #33: https://redislabs.com/redis-watch-archive/33 <- #RedIsEverywhere”

int main(int argc, char **argv) {

Add Geo Commands #1745 (1 minutes to read and then some)

Woot woot woot! It looks like Matt Stancliff @mattsta‘s Geo commands are a-coming pending some more refactoring 🙂 That and Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez‘s Bloom Filters (from yet-to-be-released Disque) are definitely two pieces of awesomeness to expect of Redis this year.

Most efficient way to insert an already sorted set into REDIS (2 minutes to read and then some)

SO user Daren was so troubled by efficiency that he had offered a bounty for an answer… a bounty which I had to collect! Seriously though, brute force is a great way to prove stuff but nothing beats a formal proof based on the actual implementation in the source code. Anyone? (I’m hoping to double the bounty :))

Tools & Development


#Ruby #foss

The Circuit breaker pattern is one of my favorites – here’s the rational behind building yet another such gem, this time by Taylor Fausak @taylorfausak from @OrgSync.

Deploying a Redis Cluster on Google Compute Engine with Docker

#Docker #howto

Deploying a cluster made easy with @tutumcloud‘s agent, but is it also easy to manage? A write up by Mitchel Kelonye @kelonye.


#NodeJS #foss

Unit testing code that uses Redis requires having a Redis server, which can be a troublesome dependency to satisfy at that stage. An alternative is to mock it with this package from Frank Gasser @yeahoffline.

Distributed ID Generation

#Redis #slides

Fascinating overview of a custom timestamp structure that’s good for the next 69 years and 4096 events per millisecond – by Nathan Kleyn @nathankleyn <- I’m waiting for the #foss goodness 🙂

Monitoring progress of a foreach parallel job

#R #howto

R users can use any of the 3 techniques in this article but I recommend taking the third – by Andrie de Vries @revoandrie via Revolution Analytics @RevolutionR.


krisjanis gale @krisgale: “yet another reason to love Redis… built-in publisher-subscriber methods. http://redis.io/topics/pubsub

Taylor Weibley @themcgruff: “@antirez Forgot to mention Basecamp / @37signals production caches have been Redis instances with nosync for a week now. Working great!”

Jamieson Becker @JamiesonBecker: “w00t @antirez — just made Redis secure by default!!https://github.com/antirez/redis/commit/1024664247a0853569bcd8abe1127cd107a20fc8

gelin yan @mathgl: “used redis to reimplement my partition manager which was developed with mongodb. use redis is more flexible.”

Alex MacCaw @maccaw: “Gongbot’s flow:Stripe Webhook -> Heroku app -> Redis publish -> Redis subscribe (on a Raspberry pi) -> LED change.”

Thomas P @ScullWM: “#Redis TTL for key is so usefull! #invalidatingCache”

Chris Stewart @chrisstewart: “I’m blown away by how fast Redis is.”

<- Gurpartap Singh @Gurpartap: “@chrisstewart @redis is fast by caching everything in RAM and staying out of the way as much as possible. Pretty much no one can get faster.”

Nick Craver @Nick_Craver: “@shirleman Nope, we already use #redis and it’s rock solid & fast for Stack Overflow – there’d have to be something very compelling to move.”

Federico Colombo @thepirat000: “I’m in love with Redis @redisfeed

Collin Lavrinc @seleniumfalcon: “Just setup a basic Redis cluster for the first time and I think I like it. #firststeps”

Diego ‘Kartones’ @Kartones: “That moment when you’re going crazy about an error, login to Redis and… KEYS *(empty list or set) http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111107185012/zelda/es/images/f/fb/Forever_alone.jpg

Brock Whitten @sintaxi: “Looking back, Redis has been my clear go-to data store over the past 3 years.”

halifaxdatageek: “Oh god, this comment gave me a nerd boner as a database geek.” #OnlyOnReddit 🙂

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