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Issue #31
February 12th, 2015

Editor’s Note

Don’t let me keep you from reading all about disturbed systems and irrational databases, but here’s something to think of in the back of your mind – next Wednesday is very special to the Redis community, do you know why? … If you send me the reply, I will either confirm or deny its correctness.

Redis Trivia: #Redis is popular hashtag on @Instagram, where it’s mainly used by Asian-looking girls wearing something red


Be social, share: “I’m reading Redis Watch #31: https://redislabs.com/redis-watch-archive/31 <- #MyFavoriteBathtimeGurgles”

int main(int argc, char **argv) {

A Matter of Speed (Redis vs Gibson GET/SET Benchmark) (1 minute to read)

gibson is the brain child of Simone Margaritelli @evilsocket and a cousin to Redis. While forked off the latter’s source, gibson uses tries for internal data management, a fact which allows some really useful keyspace crawling patterns. The boost in speed is attributed to gibson’s use of inhuman protocol 🙂

84% of a single-threaded 1KB write in Redis is spent in the kernel (1 minute to read)

There are some weeks in which the news are old but still interesting – Alex Clemmer @hausdorff_space highlights some of the findings from the Arrakis OS project and the accompanying OSDI paper. As usual, interesting comments over at the NH thread #syscallsareexpensive

Crowdcrafting stack (8 minutes to read)

I like #stackporn just like any other geek, but I find the ones Redis the most interesting. Here’s a full frontal of @Crowdcrafting from Daniel Lombraña Glez @teleyinex.

Tools & Developments


#CloudFoundry #foss

Pivotal @Pivotal open sourced a README-less version of their Redis service for Cloud Foundry.


#NodeJS #foss

An implementation of better rate limiting with Redis sorted sets, by Peter Hayes @peterkhayes from ClassDojo @ClassDojo engineering. More background information in this post: http://engineering.classdojo.com/blog/2015/02/06/rolling-rate-limiter/.


#Go #foss

LedisDB’s creator, Siddon Tang @siddontang, has implemented a Raft-based distributed watchdog for Redis.

Why text-based serialization is awesome

#CPlusPlus #post

Akumuli is a new time-series storage designed by Eugene Lazin @Lazin who argues against and for using RESP in this post.

Configure Railo Sessions with Redis

#Railo #howto

Dan Kraus @DanKrausDev provides an easy-to-follow guide just for that.


#Java #foss

The recently released 3.0.3 version of Lettuce is a scalable thread-safe Redis client providing both synchronous and asynchronous connections. Sentinel + Cluster support built in. From Mark Paluch @mp911de.


#NodeJS #foss

For people who can’t decide – a cache manager that supports Redis, MongoDB, files & memory engines by Jonathan Brumley @cayasso.


#Ruby #foss

The official Ruby client gets improved Sentinel support and resolves some threading issues in a minor version upgrade to 3.2.1 by maintainer Damian Janowski ‏@djanowski.


Jeroen Heijmans @jeroenheijmans: “Having fun with Redis. (that ascii logo though :O)”

Abed Halawi @mulkave: “@itamarhaber #Redis is definitely one exceptional data store that I never deploy a web project without,It’s vast data types r really #DaBomb”

Mehdi Avdi @MehdiAvdi: “Ping me if you’re a Redis contributor. You’ve saved my day and I want to buy you a drink.” <- that’s at least 159 drinks: https://github.com/antirez/redis/network/members

Joel @jeauxlb: “This just in: redis is amazing and I’m never not caching everything”

gelin yan @mathgl: “redis is an excellent middleware to save data with timeout. You don’t need to worry about the housekeeping job.”

Jim Gray @grayj_: “@treycausey @antirez @achompas And I’d somehow missed the announcement that Redis now implements HyperLogLog. This is awesome.”

Diego ‘Kartones’ @Kartones: “Redis documentation is pure gold. Detailed, with meaningful examples and even O(N) values” <- O(rz)

CodeIgnition @CodeIgnition: “Sorting out millions of news articles and intersections with different categories, we can’t get better performance than #Redis”

Koushik R @cosec_r: “When I look back at the last 3 years of what i’ve been doing, I see Redis everywhere. Don’t think even @twitter got so crazy with it as I’ve”

Mahmud X Other @bigthingist: “That awkward moment when none of your Memcached commands work, because you’re telnet’ed into Redis. #faceplum”

Matthew Salsamendi @MattSalsamendi: “That moment when you can load your company’s entire 4 year order history in 30 milliseconds. #node+#redis for the win pic.twitter.com/0qCHkL1PO8

eustache @eustache_bom: “@antirez makes me wonder how do you allocate time btwn new features vs optimizations when working on #redis ? any special rules / tools ?”

<- Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez: “@eustache_bom it’s just a big random mess, I do what seems more useful / fun / critical in a given moment, trying to balance between factors”

Luca Francesca @The_Lukas_1988: “allkeys-random -> remove a random key, any key …. you’re really funny #redis … really :)”

Kevin Booth @boxxymays: “Configuring redis for a master/slave setup is as simple as changing one config line. Beautiful.”

Travis Thieman @thieman: “And today I will realize @dougwoos‘s dream of actually using Lua with Redis in production.”

Jan-Erik @badboy_: “Please give a big thanks to @djanowski. He’s doing great work on redis-rb and just released v3.2.1! https://rubygems.org/gems/redis

Tonny Xu @TonnyXu: “tutorial like “Try Redis” is extremely helpful. I think @docker should also introduce such a page. 🙂
@frzndgoash It’s like asking, what’s the best car. Depends on whether you want to race or transport large boxes ;)”

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