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Issue #27
January 15th, 2015

Editor's Note

I cracked a rib reading @seldo's tweet: '"I'm using redis, so we can handle hundreds of RSVPs per second" – why engineers shouldn't build their own wedding website'.

Redis Trivia: 6379 is a prime number that's the sum of 9 consecutive primes (http://oeis.org/A082251).


Stories and News

Getting up to speed with Redis (1:01:42 minutes to watch)

@mikegravell (personal hero of mine and kind to all) from @StackExchange gave an intro to Redis last year in @NDC_Conferences London's event. Although the content of the talk is mostly technical, this video deserves a first-page mention because it isn't your usual "intro to Redis in 30m" talk. After having watched it, I understood better some of the decisions that Marc and the team took as they evolved their technologies alongside Redis' evolution.

The talk includes an overview of SE's very own OSS monitoring system – Opserver (repo available at: https://github.com/opserver/Opserver) and ample examples of using the .NET StackExchange Redis client (https://github.com/StackExchange/StackExchange.Redis), which for me makes it an invaluable learning reasouce. Lastly, if you're clueless about Redis on Windows and .NET like I am, the talk is extremely important because I, for one, didn't know about that most-importantant maxheap tip (19:42).

PS: I was also totally trolled on last April 1st 🙂

In-browser Redis (6:37 minutes to play with)

An awesome proof of concept by @narmaru who ported Redis to in-browser JavaScript with emscripten – sources at: https://github.com/narma/redis/tree/emscripten.

Redis 3.0.0 RC2 is out (3:00 minutes to read)

@antirez delivers the 2nd release candidate for the much-anticipated v3 (code name "Cluster") and promises a stable version within 3w. This will let the community test the new candidate for a couple of weeks, mainly due to the gap between RC1 and RC2. Head over to the mailing list to read the full body of release notes.

Arduino and OLED display to monitor Redis for fun and profit (COOL!!!)

This is just plain cute – courtasy of @tarantulae:

Development & Tools

rdb-merger: Merge and Convert Redis RDB Files

#Redis #foss

A utility that merges and converts RDB files – we use it in our products to manage backups taken from sharded Redis clusters.


#Go #foss

Described as a "utility to create disposable instances of Redis server on random ports." by our favorite Chief Architect at @everythingme, @dvirsky.


#NodeJS #foss

Complementing the 2nd News item from above and meekly described as "Redis toolkit", this little beauty is apparently a Redis server in Node. Why would anyone do it? Muji's story is as follows: https://github.com/freeformsystems/jsr#story

Implementing Cache Tagging with Redis

#CSharp #Lua #howto

Here's how @stackify migrated to Redis from Microsoft Azure's Managed Cache by implementing their own cache tags with some Lua magic.

Node.js, Socket.io, and Redis: Intermediate Tutorial – Server side

#Nodejs #Socketio #howto #video #foss

An all-encompassing view – video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_u0NjmSKgI (27:30), source: https://github.com/johanan/Where-to-eat by @theJohanan.

PORM – Python Redis ORM

#Python #foss

A contender to the ROM crown? Still too early to tell but getting bonus points for innovation in the naming department. From 2nd-week-in-a-row-mentioned @miguelsempere.

Configuring cache storage backends in Magento 2 – Redis

#Magento #howto

Redis has been officially adopted by the Magento community a while back. This post from @MarkoTechyTalk explain how to configure Magento 2 to use Redis.

Scaling Bloom Filters

#Lua #foss

Until Redis provides native support for Bloom filters, here's a Lua-based implementation /HT @thomasdarimont.

Unit Testing Redis Lua Scripts

#Lua #howto

Everyone agrees that testing software is super important, but we usually don't think of Redis' Lua scripts in that context… and we should. @suprememoocow gives the lowdown on how to easily integrate Lua scripts' testing to your tests suite.

Creating a distributed Redis system using Docker

#Docker #howto

@vcolonel provides a step-by-stepper that anyone can follow even without being familiar with Docker and/or Redis (+promises to follow up with an Opserver post <- see Marc Gravell's video above).

Rails Model Caching with Redis

#Rails #howto

You can and should cache your Rails' models according to @skmvasu, who also provides all the relevant info on achieving that.


@cuerbot: [OT] – Thank you #2272 <- big like!

@marcoarment: "I need to modify my Redis statement. Redis is awesome! Except when it crashes for no apparent reason. Then you restart it and it’s awesome!"

<- @antirez: "@marcoarment crash -> no long messages at all -> OOM killer of Linux that kills it for out of memory. Check “dmesg” command."

<- @StanfordRyan: "@marcoarment @marcoarment I’ve run hundreds of Redis instances since 2011 and it’s been one of the least crashy services I’ve ever used."

<- @jrychter: "@marcoarment In >4 years of heavy production usage Redis hasn’t crashed for me even once. Check Salvatore’s OOM killer suggestion."

@spiffyjr: "@michaelmoussa Redis. Fantastic software."

@Endijs: "I have said it before and will say it again: Redis is very cool! Simplicity, stability and speed is amazing."

@SpiritMachine: "Got a single Redis instance here doing 40-70k reqs/sec at 0.6% CPU. It isn't saturated yet. Solid software."

Questions?  Feedback?  Anything you want to share?  Email or tweet me – I'm highly available 🙂

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