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Issue #26
January 8th, 2015

Editor’s Note

I got a good chuckle out of @jessicard‘s tweet: “redis dont worry, im here to protect you, you dont have to be sadd or scard :&(“.

Redis Trivia: LinkedIn lists 40 individuals named Redis and 56 people with that surname (while Facebook has over a 1000).


Stories and News

Redis Tangent (6:37 minutes to read)

When a person is passionate about what he/she does, not only does it show in the quality of work produced but it can even turn a boring subject (e.g. benchmarking different approaches to doing mass insertion into Redis) in to a fascinating read. That is exactly what @n8nl accomplished in this post, complete with graphs and all 🙂

Horrible error messages (6:37 minutes to read)

On the other hand, some people have no finesse and barge through the front door yelling. It’s great to see the equisite amout of sacarsm that @antirez employs in addressing that certain individual’s concerns (who also made sure to mix and match versions in #2254) . Remember that half the population is below average intelligence.

Open Source Databases Keep Chipping Away at Oracle’s Empire (6:37 minutes to read)

@klintron from @WIRED takes a look at yesteryear’s fastest growing databases according to this post from @DBEngines and finds that three open source technologies rule the top of the list – can you guess which?

Development & Tools

Splunk – Redis Based Lookups

#Splunk #Python #howto

A great walk through on setting up and using Redis (via a Python script) as a lookup solution for Splunk> – useful for avoiding (at least temporarily) some licensing fees. By @infosecinfantry via @georgestarcher.

Object Persistence – Redis Provider (1:21:14 minutes)

#CSharp #video

In the 5th part of his video series about object persistence with C#, @ThomasJaeger shows how to build a Redis provider to store his domain’s objects.

redis-asm (Approximate String Matching)

#Ruby #foss

A gem that does fast fuzzy matching with Redis. Core is implemented by a Lua script so should be portable to other languages easily. By @krt.

Exporting data from AWS Redis Elasticache

#Python #howto

All that @jimmyislive had wanted was to get a dump of his EC Redis. For some reason `redis-cli –rdb` didn’t do the trick and he didn’t want to set up a slave on EC2 just for that purpose… So he went ahead and wrote a Python script that does that instead. Cool experiment but beware that the script uses the evil KEYS command.


#Python #foss

This little library from @miguelsempere provides an implementation for queues, priority queues, stacks, circular buffers and deques on top of Redis (but still has a way to go before it reaches the breadth and maturity of hot-redis by @stephen_mcd :)).


#Python #foss

Unlike the item above, @coleifer‘s library provides a set of helpers making working with Redis’ data types in Python easier. Bonus: includes an implementation of an array on top of a Hash. EDIT: here’s a nice post to go along with it – http://charlesleifer.com/blog/walrus-lightweight-python-utilities-for-working-with-redis/


@Omega_: “I always forget how much of an improvement redis makes. Then I put it in play..and BAM…”

@acoyfellow: “The simplicity & power of #redis makes me giddy”

@kylnew: “I know it’s Friday but damn, Redis is fast”

@Stupidiotica: “@thewisecrab @weemundo girl are you Redis? Because you always stay in my memory.”

@commadelimited: “Whoah. Redis’ BLPOP/BRPOP command just blew my mind when I saw it work.”

@Bcohen93: “Redis has the best ASCII art”

@rickchisholm: “you know… #redis is pretty freaking cool.”

@stackshareio: “The Top In-Memory DB of 2014: Redis – used in over 250 stacks http://bit.ly/1DfIKfh

@mattsta: ‘”I had never heard of redis before but I was required to use it at work and I’m really impressed” #realuserquotes’

@ghostbar: ‘”Takedown Piracy LLC” DMCA’d a Github issue of the open source project Redis on Google https://www.chillingeffects.org/notices/10281020

@DataJunkie: “I cannot express how much I love Redis for storing state data for a distributed system. Easy and brilliant. #redis”

@danielrmendez: “@nateware is a Redis lock unlocked when there is a ‘return’ inside the lock block? lock.lock do …. return ….. end” <- that’s one heck of a tongue twister!

@gurdotan: ‘Hacker phase of the month by @jondot: “Redis is often my go-to swiss-army knife and you’ll have to pry it from my dying corpse”‘

Redis Labs

Blog post: Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster in Beta Now!

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