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Issue #24
December 25th, 2014


Miscellaneous bits and pieces that caught my attention:

Redis Trivia: you can make your very own Redis logo with UTF-8: U+2606 U+25A0 U+25CB U+25B3.

Seasonal greetings,

Stories and News

Redis Quicklist: Do you even list? (20 minutes to read)

Since Redis' development isn't business-driven, a developer working on adding a feature to it can invest all the resources he wants to making it just perfect. That's exactly what @mattsta is doing with Quicklist, now brought to you compressed.

License to Queue (10 minutes to read)

@sneub writes about using Redis as a queue for pumping big volumes of data into Google BigQuery and making async requests in PHP.

Salvatore Sanfilippo, the author of Redis: from Sicily with talent and passion (7 minutes to read)

A rare interview with @antirez by @francofolini, in which Salvatore professes to building "strange" yet simple stuff with great attention to details, tells of his first programmering efforts, discusses OSS & stays in Italy 🙂 (BTW, great commentary at Hacker News).

Database Usage Survey of AWS re:Invent 2014 Developers (5 minutes to read)

We've surveyed more than a 100 developers during the recent AWS re:Invent and have asked them about their challenges and technological preferences. In this post, we present the survey's compiled results.

5 Early Lessons from Rapid, High Availability Scaling with Rails (12 minutes to read)

@zombidev gives the lowdown on how Ello had tackled the gap between what it had built and the actual demand it got. Although the crisis is over, Mike documents the lessons learned so future generations may benefit.

Development & Tools

24 days of Rust – redis

#Rust #howto

Using Redis with Rust by @zsiciarz .


#Java #foss

A work-of-love-in-progress by @NachiVpn that turns Jedis thread-safe. Original blog post here – wouldn't it be great to see this merged into the project? /cc @xetorthio @@heartsavior.

Authentication with Node.js and Express

#NodeJS #howto

@agj_jr had started blogging about Node – here he shows how to manage bcrypt-encrypted paswords and sessions with Express and Redis.


#NodeJS #howto

Learn from this repo from @scottganyo how to build an application that caches the results of a Twitter search in Redis.


@badboy_: "People are now using Redis on Android: https://github.com/antirez/redis/pull/2226"

@NuckChorris: "@miksago I haven’t found anything better as a general-use DB stack than Postgres and Redis. Power and simplicity pair so well"

@YashaFromRussia: "redis… its almost like a magic unicorn O.o #magic #node #sockets"

@anicolaspp: "#redis just rocks!!!!"

@dave_briand: "Thanks to try.redis.io I figured out how to setup sessions/auth for my RESTful api in about 30 minutes. Blazingly fast @redisfeed"

fapjacks: 'I like Redis for data because it's just so fast and "feels right" for me.'

@antirez: "xmas.c https://gist.github.com/antirez/2298640095f972d1a6d0"

Redis Labs

Analyst Report: @451Research customers can read @maslett's report "Redis Labs rides Redis Cloud adoption, prepares enhanced database offering".

News: @VentureBeat's @jordannovet covers the results of our AWS re:Invent Developers survey in "These are the top databases among devs who use Amazon’s cloud".

Careers: a Solution Engineer is needed for our Santa Clara offices. More open positions waiting to be filled at the Redis Labs Careers page.

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