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Issue #23
December 18th, 2014


Miscellaneous bits and pieces that caught my attention:

Redis Trivia: Redis v2.8.19, released earlier this week, is the highest-numbered maintenance release (yet).


Stories and News

How Techu Leverages Redis (5 minutes to read)

@techusearch is a provider of realtime full-text search service. In this blog post, the team touches on how Redis is put to use in their stack for request throttling, keeping metrics, caching of searches/excerpts and indexing requests.

Under the Hood: Cisco Collaboration Cloud (3 minutes to read)

A minimalist and rare glimpse into the inner-workings of the giant's new project – by @ciscocollab.

Redis 2.8.19 is out (2.8.19 minutes to read)

Just before the year ends, @antirez releases a new Redis version that's all about minor bug fixes. Upgrade urgency: low.

Development & Tools


#Java #foss

Inspired by Redis Labs' redis-quartz, @JoeLinn3 improved the original with support for Quartz 2.2.1 and an implementation of antirez's redlock algorithm – #OSS #FTW


#Tomcat #foss

Redis-backed non-sticky session store for Apache Tomcat from @jt_coleman.


#Python #foss

An implementation for client-side Redis sharding that supports hashtags.

[Ukrainian] Predis vs. PHP5-redis Extension Performance Test

#PHP #post

This post presents the results of a benchmark designed to compare the performance of these two PHP Redis client libraries. Google Translate should come in handy if your Russian is as as good as mine. Spasibo @gulch_47. [SPOILER: PHP5-redis is more performant.]

Redis: Storing time-series data in a sorted set

#Lua #howto

During the last weeks @andrewminer has been exploring Redis – in this post he shows how to use a Sorted Set with some Lua to manage time-series data.

RESP 1.3.1

#Lua #foss

RESP is lightweight Lua client for Redis. This new version makes it compatible with Lua 5.3.0. By @soveran

How-To: Interactive Vote-Driven Presentations With Reveal.JS, Twillio, and Redis

#Pyton #howto

Next time you give a preso, make it interactive by letting the audience SMS to it – by @defionscode.

A brief introduction to publish-subscribe queuing with redis

#Perl #howto

Title says it all 🙂 /by @Stolen_Souls

AutoComplete with Redis, NodeJS and jQuery

#NodeJS #Ruby #jQuery #howto

There's no shortage of tutorials on the subject but this one's special because it uses the new(-ish) ZRANGEBYLEX command and NodeJS /via @CodeProject.


@znmeb: "@quantlabs The thing I like most about Redis (after the speed) is that you can share objects between languages easily."

@amolbpk: "Redis has best single core messaging performance. #CMGIndia"

@chester89: "since I learnd the basics of Redis, every 1ce in a while I discvr a problem we use SQL Server 4 that would be no-brainer w/ Redis"

@md__5: "Redis PubSub is so simple its great. Who needs a full blown message queue?"

@LozCrowther: "Guess whats under the hood in the new #webex and @Cisco cloud? Answer: #CloudFondry #RabbitMQ #Redis all based on #Microservices…"

@kleiram: "Just integrated #redis into our system. The speed boost is incredible!"

@mattsta: 'Proposal: every message about hiredis should start with "Hi Redis,"' <- I don't think software engineers are allowed to publicly display a sense of humor 🙂

@muhakbaryasin: "Words of the week : redis, key, hash, pickle, json."

@lcfpl: "Our log system is processing ~1mln logs per minute #ELK #Elasticsearch #Logstash #Redis"

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