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Issue #22
December 11th, 2014


Miscellaneous bits and pieces that caught my attention:

Redis Trivia: The numeric string 6379 appears at the 15054th decimal digit of Pi.


Stories and News

DNS-Based soft releases (5 minutes to read)

In this short entry, @tarek_ziade presents how the team in charge of Firefox Hello (a video chat WebRTC app in Firefox) leveraged DNS as a fast and highly-available "distributed database" for soft launching the new app.

Redis development model (longish read)

@antirez the Creator takes a break from coding to explain his views of how an open source project should be managed, compares and contrasts the "Benevolent Dictator" and "Core Team" models, argues against the feasibility of the latter in Redis' case and makes a promise to be more responsive to PRs at the expense of coding… and the community answers.

A few (more than one and less than ten) reasons Redis is awesome! (5 minutes to read)

A six-points rant by @oyvindsk on Redis: it is small, simple, versatile, fast, useful & honest.

Disambiguating Databases (15 minutes to read)

While not Redis-specific, this article is an excellent read for anyone who wants to gain a higher degree of data literacy (including some folks who believe they already attained data zen). In it author @eigenrick covers the means and practices with which data is stored and served in a no-nonsense and to-the-point manner.

Development & Tools


#Ruby #foss

A drop-in replacement for ActiveSupport-compliant cache that provides moar performance – by @sorentwo.

Semi-Relational Data Modeling with Redis and Ohm

#Ruby #howto

A detailed tutorial by @FredAtBootstrap on using the Ohm gem.


#Java #foss

An advanced Redis client that also offers distributed and scalable Java data structures (Set, SortedSet, Map, ConcurrentMap, List, Queue, Deque, Lock, AtomicLong, CountDownLatch, Publish / Subscribe, HyperLogLog) on top of Redis server.

redis-rb 3.2.0

#Ruby #foss

New minor version for the popular Ruby client brings major functionality: Sentinel support /by @djanowski.


@mjackson: "Guys, all you really need is #Redis."

@AlexMoreno09: "Implemented Redis caching on our server in under 15 minutes before a demo. Awesome!"

@MikkoH: "Get to work with my fav db again. Redis ;)"

@Nick_Craver: "The #stackoverflow #redis instance (just one) has processed 475,860,226,239 operations since the last restart to calculate your mobile feed!"

@grumi78: "@antirez went live with our custom redis fork today! Redis codebase is awesome! @mattsta I'll submit anything generically useful upstream."

@dvirsky: "@aerospikedb to be honest, redis needs one" <- https://redislabs.com/blog/the-1-2m-opssec-redis-cloud-cluster-single-server-unbenchmark

@badboy_: "hiredis, the minimalistic C client for Redis, needs some help. Anyone want to jump in? https://github.com/redis/hiredis/issues/283"

@_korso_: "@antirez To be honest, the things why I decided to try it a couple yrs ago are your charisma, transparency, commitment and product quality."

@Pwninstein: 'From the Redis documentation: "The maximum allowed key size is 512 MB." Yowza'

@frazelledazzell: "@moonpolysoft @lawnsea except not redis, redis is gorgeous"

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