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Issue #21
December 4th, 2014


Miscellaneous bits and pieces that caught my attention:

Redis Trivia: In Russia, an agency creates Redis – http://red-is.ru/ … πŸ˜›

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Stories and News

Redis Quicklist Speedup (15 minutes to read)

In this sequel to the introductory post, @mattsta completes analysis and dives into performance comparisons between the original List implementation and Quicklist with the right mix of details and pretty graphs. Alternate title: "Optimal Quicklist Performance using Dynamic Adaptive Inverse Rectified Non-Linear Units Over Integrals of Ziplists", or "Why is the sky bleeding purple ooze?"

Approximating the median of a Stream via stochastic averaging (5 minutes to read)

Another longish title but this one only sounds intimidating – the idea is quite simple and the explanation by @thomasdarimont is clear and to the point. Lua & Redis implementation included.
UPDATE: here's another golden nugget from the same author on a similar topic- running averages: https://gist.github.com/thomasdarimont/852ba9d79a9e7cfa0be2.

Eventual Consistency Now! using Elasticsearch and Redis (5 minutes to read)

@inbotapp's engineering lead @jillesvangurp wants no delayed gratification and prefers his consistency right here and now instead of eventually. While ElasticSearch doesn't provide that, adding Redis to the mix helps him achieve just that.

Redis 2.8.18 is out (5 minutes to read)

@antirez's had just pushed a low urgency upgrade with lots and lots of fixes in it. The new release also includes experimental support for disk-less replication, Lua bit operations and updates to the JSON and msgpack libraries, bandwidth tracking and more. Most importantly "Redis is now an Enterprise Grade product" with the ASCII art having been made optional.

Development & Tools

5 Methods for Tracing and Debugging Redis Lua Scripts

#Lua #howto

If you've ever wished for a way to debug your embedded Lua scripts, this guide will get you sorted in no time. Original inspiration begotten from this twittalog between @savant and @antirez, /cc @trikoder.

Redis provides lightweight, scalable persistent data structures

#Perl #howto

An excellent 2-for-1 post by @briandfoy_perl that provides both an introduction to Redis as well as the know how about using it from Perl.


#Julia #foss

A fully-featured Redis client for Julia.

Writing Scalable WebSocket Applications on Heroku with Java and the Play Framework

#Java #howto

A delightfully details guide on getting from zero to hero(ku).

Basic analytic in Python using signals and Redis

#Python #howto

@jibbo teaches how to piggyback your framework's signals and turn them into analytical insights.

Popular Streams

#Ruby #foss

A little gem that helps keeping track on what's popular by implementing a clever decay algorithm (more details here). Redis' Sorted Sets provide the underlying data storage. Made with love by @nhocki from @weheartit.

Extending SQLite with Python

#Python #howto

Have a look-see here on how to expose Redis as SQL table by using Python, peewee and SQLite as shown by master @coleifer.


#C/Go #foss

Yet another Redis proxy, based on codis. Why? Adds support for LevelDB and works with original OSS Redis. By @siddontang.

Redis Pipelining and Scripting

#Java #howto

A solid intro to these two Redis performance boosters by @chrisbaglieri from @artisanmobile.


@xus_lopez: 'Installing #redis in AWS AMI.. I didn't expect, has made ​​me laugh the response "/etc/redis# redis-cli" ping wait, wait for it… PONG XD'

@trullock: "Achievement unlocked: learned about, implemented and deployed redis backed token store in 1 day."

@a1ph4g33k: "Been reading the Redis source code tonight. Mad props to @antirez for the clean code. I really want to implement BSPOP."

@DougEubanks: "@mikemctaggart @mattlemke My session kept getting reset on the @Walmart site. Couldnt make it past the first page of deals, needs redis."

@deafbybeheading: "Is it wrong that Redis' LTRIM makes me think of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaeNelsAOGo? Okay, I know it's wrong. But how wrong is it?"

@trullock: "Redis is excellent. Currently solving all my problems"

@envygeeks: "I totally just realized I don't need half this shit all these people include in their cache store for Rails, because Redis does all that."

@anvaka: "Next and last stop was redis. Absolutely beautiful piece of software. It swallowed 16M rows without blinking an eye. RAM was within sane 3GB range, and disk utilization is only 700MB."

@fjania: '"Wow. That was easy." – Me after I do anything new in Redis.'

@jpmens: 'Did hell freeze over a few hours ago? @antirez opened a ticket titled "Redis SSL support" https://github.com/antirez/redis/issues/2178 ;-)'

@omkar_p: "Exploring #Lua for #redis scripting. As it is, redis is amazing and scripting looks like icing on the top."

@antirez: "@itamarhaber that’s Redis related, not Disque πŸ™‚ Bloom filters are for Redis. I’ll implement them in the next weeks definitely." <- definitely feels like Xmas!

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