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Issue #2
July 24th, 2014

Editor's Note

Welcome to the 2nd issue of Redis Watch – delivering fresh Redis content to your inbox every once in a while, promptly at 6:37:9 🙂 I've received a lot of great feedback from our readers and I'll try implementing the suggestions during the upcoming weeks – do feel free to keep your responses flowing! If you have any suggestion on additional topics that are of interest, content that you'd like to see covered, design tips or anything else – just hit the reply button.

Redis Trivia: everybody knows that Redis' default port is 6379 but have you ever wondered why? The answer is that 6379 spells MERZ on the phone's keypad (want to know what MERZ is? Read the appendix at http://oldblog.antirez.com/post/redis-as-LRU-cache.html [warning: slightly NSFW links inside]).



Redis' COMMAND Command [link] – the new command, COMMAND, allows you to take command of your commands, commandor.

Handling 1 Billion requests a week with Symfony2 (and Redis) [link] – Octivi shares some interesting stats and info from a backend system (SOA) for one of the biggest Polish eCommerce [link]. They keep 160M keys in Redis and experience 15K RPS throughput – keep reading until the end to have some myths busted.  

StackOverflow Update: 560M Pageviews a Month, 25 Servers, and It's All About Performance [link] – If you ever wondered what it takes to keep the busiest developers Q&A site up and running (besides Redis, that is) you should read this. If you never heard of stackexchange.com, you're probably getting this newsletter by mistake 🙂 

Redis Labs Performance Testing With Live Traffic [link] – when Tung Nguyen, senior director of engineering at Bleacher Report, hit the limits of his local Redis setup, he tested the performance of Redis Cloud by duplicating his site's live traffic and was very pleasantly surprised.

Deploying Rails 4.1 apps with Resque to Heroku [link] – Liz Abinate went head on against this task… and prevailed.

Getting the best out of Logstash for Nginx [link] – Erez Rabih from FTBpro.com takes us through the process of setting up Logstash (Redis is a part of the stack, of course). P.S. also, if you haven't already, check out this cool project by the same gang – Count von Count [post] [repo].

Meteor gets experimental Redis support [link] – the ultra-simple, database-everywhere, data-on-the-wire, pure-Javascript web framework is added with support for Redis as its datastore.

Coding & Development

Counting online users with Redis and Go [link] – a non-websocket method to do your counting.

pretty-redis [link] – an interesting CLI tool that pretty-prints the contents of Redis. Currently supports keys' heirarchy, HTML and JSON. Requires Node.js.

Horizontally Scaling Node.js and WebSocketes with Redis [link] – Using Redis as a messaging layer to scale an HTML5 MMORPG across multiple servers.

Managing Redis Complexity in Python – Part 1: Organizing Keys [link] – Jana's team presents a methodology and implementation for keeping a consistent nomenclature of your keys. Even if you don't use the implementation, keeping your keys in order is a solid piece of advice.

OutputCacheProvider for Redis [link] – Daniel Correia shows how to implement a cache provider for an ASP.NET MVC application with Redis.

Magento-Redismanager [repo] – a Redis management module for Magento.

redisd [repo] – a Node.js package providing a REST API and a web UI for Redis. If you're into that kind of thing, be sure to also have a look at Webdis [link repo] and Lark [repo].

Introducing Toppler [link] – a .NET package [repo] that assists in counting hits and emitting events to generate leaderboards.

ErZauker [link] – a Google Code clone written by Giovanni Giorgi in Erlang, backed by Redis (announcement post [link]).

Orpheus [link] – a Redis object modeller for Node.js with support for all of Redis' data structures (and an extremely detailed README), by Almog Melamed at captainup.com.


@xternal: "making a page about 6x faster with about 50 lines of code and redis.  win." [link]

@mattsta: "Note from Redis meetup: twitter runs over 100 TB of Redis using over 10,000 instances *per datacenter.*. Eventually it'll be petabyte Redis." [link]

@A_Hiccup: "The .conf file of Redis is one of the most well written files I've ever read. Explains every damn thing." [link]

@chriscurtin: "Join me in September @atlantajug for a talk about Redis and BloomFilters: http://www.meetup.com/atlantajug/events/173432072/ …" [link] <- sounds mighty interesting, I'd attend it if I was at Atlanta's area.

Redis Labs

Blog Post – Redis Headache #2 for Devops: Replication Timeouts [link]

Service – We've updated our status page with a new design, fine-grained updates and Email/SMS/RSS subscriptions (powered by the awesome team at statuspage.io).

Blog Post – Turbo Boost WordPress with a Secure Memcached Plugin [link]

Event – We'll be exhibiting in GDC Europe 2014, August 11-12th [link]

Event – We'll be prowling the floor of Gamescom Cologne on August 14th [link]

Questions?  Feedback?  Anything you want to share?  Email or tweet me – I'm highly available 🙂

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