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Issue #19
November 20th, 2014

Editor's Note

This week's newsletter has no specific theme – it is the usual conglomeration of eclectic bits and pieces that I've painstakingly collected over the week for you to enjoy… so enjoy! 

Redis Trivia: Since Redis is often referred to as "Memcached on Steroids", it is hardly surprising that redis.ro is an ecommerce site for vitamins and other healthy supplements.


Stories and News

Redis <3 at 8tracks.com (40:53 minutes to watch)

8tracks is an internet radio and @nettofarah is one of its (back porch) developers. In this talk, recently given at @RubyConfUrugway, he shares his love for Redis. He discusses "Engineering effort" vs. "Machine effort", or the engineer's happiness and that of the machine's, and the fine balance between the two. Redis is used for background jobs (Sidekiq), feature flags, caching, tag browsing, rate limiting and more.

Hangfire Pro (7 minutes to read)

IIUC, Hangfire by @odinserj is the equivalent of Sidekiq and Resque for .NET developers – a background job scheduler. In this post, the developer launches a Pro edition that is aimed at extending the OSS project's functionality. While I strongly feel that OSS developers should be compensated for their efforts and investment, I am quite disapponted by the decision to make Hangfire's Redis support exclusively a Pro feature – to me, a freemium model makes much more sense. What's your take on the subject?

What’s the Best Tool to Monitor Redis? (5 minutes to read)

A quick review of three OSS monitoring tools for Redis – Reddis, Redis Commander and Redmon – by @BradVI from @volumeint.

Storing and Querying Objects in Redis (5 minutes to read)

Store objects in Hashes, use Sets and intersect to search by properties, do ranges with Sorted Sets. This isn't exactly new information, but the writing's solid and clear so some people are surely to get an Ah-ha! moment after reading this – by @tylerstroud.

What is Sharding? (9 minutes to read)

@iammohan83 asks the question and provides the answer. While this item isn't strictly Redis-specific, it is quite relevant to anyone interested in the Redis Cluster spec and implementation.

Redis Quicklist (15  minutes to read)

The illustrious @mattsta put in a fortnight into building something truly remarkable – by combining the best from Redis' two existing internal list representations (ziplist and linked list) he created a hybrid that is both performant and memory-efficient. All that's left to do is wait for the merge to happen – Kudos Matt and thanks for the (tuna) fish!

Development & Tools

Running Redis in production

#redis #howto

@shokunin_co composed this nice collection of tip for running your own Redis – while most are pretty well-known, you should review if only to make sure you didn't forget anything.


#python #foss

Geosearching for Python 2.7+ (no, this will not help you in finding your misplaced keys).


#Node.js #foss

Redis server-side Lua scripts management helper by @arunoda. Because "using them with NodeJs is painful" <- this is actually true for any programming language.


#Node.js #foss

Two-level cache implementation using RAM and Redis by the awesome folks from @mediocrelabs.

Install and run WordPress cached with Redis on a Linux VPS

#WordPress #howto

A step-by-step guide by @martinking279 for setting up WordPress with Nginx, MariaDB and a Redis cache.

Jedis v2.6.1

#Java #foss

The leading Redis client library has been updated with cluster fixes, Java 8 support, performance optimizations, internal improvements and bug fixes.


#Go #foss

There are many Redis clients for Go, and yet @stephensearles from @shipwire wrote another one because the existing ones leave out his "favorite Go idiom: readers and writers". Stream on!

How to use Twitter Streaming API to Store Relevant Data into a Redis NoSQL DB

#Java #howto

Title says it all basically – by @HHLammerville (I find it humorous that this is basically Redis replication via Twitter's API).

Make API Calls Wicked Fast with Redis

#Python #video

A nice talk from @WowLB at @pyohio on caching with Redis to expedite API calls. See the repo for sample code & slides: https://github.com/lindseybrockman/api-cache


@mattsta: '@antirez also coming soon: a working version of “linked list of ziplists.” I’m running size comparison tests now. will release next week!'

@gsempe: "Redis is a so amazing piece of software. I can't thanks enough @antirez #GoodJobGuy"

@ryantomlinson: "Triple response times from our service last night…time to throw more redis at it #howtosolveperfproblemslikeaboss"

@itamarhaber: "Azure Redis failover demo -> Error: The wrong diskette is in the drive. <- Very LOL 🙂 http://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Azure-Friday/Azure-Redis-Cache-103-Failover-and-Monitoring … ~07:05"

@nmartignole: "I just love Redis. This is one of the most powerful and simple software. I finished to update DevoxxFR CFP, we're now ready for next week"

@damienkatz: "CAP Should be CLAP: …degrees of availability are more easily conceptualized as latency."

@superdealloc: "Reading on hash tables and stumbled upon Redis. Brilliant piece of engineering in that it contains two specialised hash table impls >> One for small hashes and another for big. Both incredibly fast. Amazing work, @antirez"

@apierre_cardoso: "I always get amazed with how fast Redis is … always saves my skin #redis"

@topwobble: "Never thought we would need two #Redis deployments! I love this software."

@Ewan_Valentine: "I guess using Redis as *just* a key store is missing the point a bit!"

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