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Issue #18
November 13th, 2014

Editor’s Note

Some weeks have a theme, a specific topic that keeps surfacing with no apparent reason. I can’t say if it’s because of pure coincidence, heavenly intervention, the result of factors unbeknownst to me or a combination of these, but this week’s theme is definitely Redis GUIs (remember So, You’re Looking for the Redis GUI?). So, without further ado, here are the three items that support my claim:

1. RedisConnect – a cross-platform (Java) desktop tool to manage your Redis instances by @erdickocaman.
2. phpRedExpert – an open-source, PHP-based Redis UI by @EugeneFidelin.
3. @RedisDesktop Manager Fundraiser@u_glide, the developer of one of the first (if not the) desktop tools for Redis, is asking for your pledge so he can take RDM to the next level.

#RedisTrivia: Redis was originally written by antirez to resolve MySQL scalability issues at lloogg.com – a realtime log analyzer


Stories and News

Why I love databases (10 minutes to read)

Love’s hard to explain, but when it comes to databases we all feel the same 🙂 by @jeeyoungk.

Scaling Redis and Memcached at Wayfair (19:46 minutes to watch)

@clarkjacker, Chief Architect at @Wayfair, presents how they adopted lessons learned from “Giants” (Akamai, Last.fm and Twitter) to build a scalable caching layer using Redis, Memcached, Ketama, Twemproxy and Zookeeper.

A Hands On Beginners Guide to Redis and Working with Redis Data Types (YMMV)

Keeping his promise from earlier this week, @dansackett provides us with a beginners guide and data types overview in these two posts with lots of CLI examples (technically, this belong in the Development & Tools section but Dan’s contribution deserves a prominent spot).

Development & Tools


#redis #foss

“Codis is a proxy based high performance Redis cluster solution written in Go/C, an alternative to Twemproxy.” by @wandoujia.

Building a System in #Clojure Part 4 – Inter-process communication with Redis

#clojure #howto

Breaking down a monolithic app into independent processes ends with hooking everything up with Redis’ PubSub by @matthiasnehlsen.

Redis in practice

#redis #video

A practical intro to Redis with an emphasis on Lua by Marijan Šuflaj via@webcampzg.


#redis #heroku

@ddollar, hacker at large, made this tiny Heroku plugin that’s definitely a lifesaver.

Create a Simple Chat Room with Redis PubSub

#python #howto

I was immediately hooked by the subtitle: “When it comes to NoSQL, I believe that Redis is the king thanks to its ease of use and diversity.” by @dansackett.


@gddhameja: “Had my first encounter with #redis #cache today. Just fell in love with its simplicity, elegance and awesome performance.”

@steph_py: “BLPOP on #redis is a killing feature. <3”

@work_op: “short of linux kernel dev, i nominate redis for best project ever”

@ryan_zhang: “Redis is so cool!”

@datachomp via @robconery: Channeling Dexter: ‘”I’ll pull out my favorite weapon of choice…shiny, simple, sharp and brilliant: Redis’

@antirez: “What I learned from this new project already: Redis would be unsustainable if I would only work 5×8 hours. Fortunately it’s *also* my hobby”

@scoopa: “@antirez thank you for your time and dedication. Redis is a critical multiplier of value on time spent by the rest of us.”

@InterruptSpeed: “Redis made my head hurt…but now i see the light!”

@Maria_SQL: “I love setting up REDIS replication. Just add master IP and all data is getting replicated to slave. I wish SQL Server had worked that way”

@JeremiahLee: “The Coriolis force does not affect the flushing direction of water in toilets or keys from Redis regardless of the hemisphere you’re in.”

@maxlynch: “Forgot how fun redis was to use” <- @persingerscott: ‘@maxlynch “redis is crack” h/t @dgouldin

@JoshuaSWarren: “Redis is GREAT. Use it! — @ThijsFeryn at #phpworld”

Redis Labs

Redis Academy: Chapter 3 of Redis in Action is available at the Redis Academy – “Commands in Redis”.

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