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Issue #17
November 6th, 2014

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Redis Trivia: The shortest Redis commands are 3 characters long, the longest are 16. Avg: 6.5, Med: 6, StdDev: 2.695024656, Var: 7.263158.


Stories and News

Take #2 – Is Amazon SSD PIOPS Really Better? (10 minutes to read)

A little over two years ago we had published the results of a benchmark for running Redis with AWS' PIOPS EBS. At the time, we found that PIOPS EBS did not provide any performance gains for Redis users. Fast forward to the present, where we repeat our testing and compare the performance of magnetic EBS with the newer generation of SSD EBS services with surprising results.

Redis latency spikes and the Linux kernel: a few more details (8 minutes to read)

It feels like an early Christmas with @antirez playing Santa and showering gifts all over the place. Cluster RC? Check. Diskless replication? Check. The end of fork latencies? Keep your fingers crossed and be good boys and girls 🙂

Introducing Dynomite – Making Non-Distributed Databases, Distributed (15 minutes to read)

"In the age of high scalability and big data, Dynomite’s design goal is to turn those single-server datastore solutions into peer-to-peer, linearly scalable, clustered systems while still preserving the native client/server protocols of the datastores, e.g., Redis protocol." <- awesomeness inside by @NetflixOSS.

Development & Tools

Redis on Laravel: Why naming is a pain

#PHP #howto

"As it turns out, Redis is a popular name for Redis classes…" by @theotherelliott.

Multi-Instance Node.js App in PaaS Using Redis Pub/Sub

#Node.js #howto

Follow these directions from @killahforge to scale you Node.js app across multiple PaaS "containers".

How to track your coworkers – Simple passive network surveillance

#ruby #howto

"Simple passive network surveillance" by @wschenk lets you be your own NSA.

Redis for duplicate detection on real time stream

#redis #slides

An intro to Redis followed by an overview of how to do real time dedpuing of articles by @robfrankie.

How to use Redis to build recently viewed items functionality

#.NET #howto

This howto will show you how to use StackExchange.Redis from C# by @ruhul <- need to bookmark it somewhere for reference.

fastoredis [alpha version]

#redis #foss

Yet another Redis GUI but with an emphasis on CLI-like interaction. I'm still a @Redsmin fan but this definitely looks like interesting project by @Fastoredis.

Introduction to rate limiting with Redis [Part 2]

#python #tutorial

The 2nd installment from @dr_josiah on throttling with Redis wraps up the subject & ties all the loose ends.


#Node.js #foss

Easy require-like functionality for Redis Lua scripts.


@7imbrook: "Redis is the only reason I have my sainity right now. #horizontalScale"

@nutanc: "If there is one software that I am jealous of, its got to be Redis. The beauty of code and stability is something to aspire for."

@StopForumSpam: "Why did I never use #redis #LUA before?!?! I must've been mad. I've just dropped about 90% of my MySQL queries for about 10mb of memory"

@koheishingai: "@redsmin Redsmin played a key role in our development – it will surely prove useful in our operations! #redis"

@film42: "Redis 'expire,' I love you."

@nicolasjames_: "that moment where you realize redis is kind of creepy.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/psa12i7p4sz6…"

Redis Labs

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