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Issue #16
October 30th, 2014

Editor's Note

The heated discussion around Redis continued this week with a slew of tweets and posts from anyone and everyone, but there was still some (99th percentile?) other content that you may find useful – read on.

Redis Trivia: "Sweet 16" – Redis v2.8.16 was released on the Sep. 16th, 2014 (and was replaced only 3 days later by v2.8.17 making it the 2nd 3-day-lived version in 2.8 [the first, literally, was 2.8.0]).


Stories and News

NEW: Redis Cloud Clusters with Regular Expression Sharding (5 minutes to read)

Scaling Redis Cloud databases couldn't be easier but we've made it more powerful with our recent announcement of custom sharding policies.

How we built our Real-time Analytics Platform (10 minutes to read)

Running an active and perfomant CDN isn't a trivial chore but @MaxCDN knows how to do it. Having recently launched realtime analytics in their platform platform, the team provides a behind-the-scenes view of the architecture that powers it. This is how Redis is used: "The bridge between our CDN and our database cluster is powered by a high-volume messaging queue built using Redis.  Redis is lightweight enough to keep up with the speed of incoming data."

Raspberry Pi and Redis (5 minutes to read)

Totally awesome project from @sperformance who put Redis on Pi for his enterprise measuring appliance. RESPberry? Fredisberrystein? Nevermind the name, there are a bunch cool graphs from the Latency Doc too.

Our Future Stack, or Why we love Knockout, Coffeescript, Redis and Go. (8 minutes to read)

Google defines teamwork as "the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient." The team working at @teamwork worked out a stack that works effeciently and effectively for them and shared it here. Good work team and great teamwork 🙂

Diskless replication: a few design notes. (15 minutes to read)

In the month that had passed (25 days to be exact) since the Redis Developers Day in London, @antirez has been anything but idle. Between bug fixing, releasing Redis v3RC1, curing olives and answering protagonists on Twitter, the creator had also managed completing the implementation of a feature request that was brought up during the said London event. Diskless replication is aimed for use in fast-networked environments with relatively slow storage but at this stage it is still considered experimental – want to give a shot?

Game Day Exercises at Stripe: Learning from `kill -9` (15 minutes to read)

So finally we learned that yesterweek's drama took place at @stripe during an organized Game Day. This report from @marcprecipice provides an in-depth review of how the team tested their configuration by purposely creating failures and the results' analysis. As stated previously, ending with an empty database after restarting the data persistence-less Redis master ("primary") is hardly surprising, but luckily the team had learned that during a controlled experiment rather than in production. The final conclusion, however, is somewhat puzzling IMO – instead of addressing the flaws in their recovery process, the team is looking to replace Redis with PostgreSQL. I only hope that this time they'll read the docs 🙂

Update 1: @antirez's reply – This is why I can’t have conversations using Twitter

Update 2: @kellabyte's reply – The 99th percentile matters <- uncharacteristically w/o the F-word  🙂

Update 3: @antirez's reply – Redis latency spikes and the 99th percentile

Development & Tools

How to Continuously Deploy Code with CloudBees Jenkins for Pivotal CF

#jenkins #howto

@pivotal's @ben_laplanche shows how to use @CloudBees' Jenkins with @PivotalCF to deploy a Redis server (a word from our sponsor: use a free Redis Cloud database and have it deployed in less than 60 seconds :)).

Compiling Redis on Mac OS Yosemite

#macosx #howto

A detailed list by @pbougie of what you need to do to compile & install Redis on the latest Mac OS X update.


#ruby #foss

This little gem lets you do feature flags easily, and this post from @lgarvey shows you exactly how to use it.

Getting Started with Docker

#docker #howto

If you were looking for an excuse to use @docker this guide from @syncano will get you and Redis up and running in no time at all.


@antirez: 'I just pushed a commit with "child -> parent communication improved." Looks like a matter of family relationships more than code.'

@mattsta: "so. many. fixes."

@scalesolved: "#redis still has to be the most useful of all the #nosql techs, it delivers every time!"

@Kiqli_shorturl: "We switch from #RedisKeys to #RedisScan. No #Redis command exceeds 100ms. The slowest take 36ms. Just perfect." <- KEYS is evil 🙂

@MattSalsamendi: "Redis is a beautiful tool."

@zeeg: "Sometimes I wonder if all the rage against Redis is simply because it’s an awesome, popular solution, and whatever X is using isn’t."

@Yiftachsh: "@antirez @aphyr no way PostgreSQL is faster than #Redis, I'm ready to spend hours with @stripe & @aphyr on the proper #ec2 conf"

@mikemaccana: "Everyone: stop picking on @antirez for something he didn't say and start picking on him for using a monospace font: http://antirez.com/news/82 " <- @antirez: "@mikemaccana the idea was my blog would be mostly about code. Apparently a wrong premise." <- Twitter uses Arial 😉

@mattsta: 'Did you know redis-cli supports command "connect IP port" to connect to a new server without leaving the CLI?  I sure didn’t.'

@mattsta: 'Did you know redis-cli will repeat a command N times if you start your command with a number? "100 set a b" will run "SET a b" 100 times.'

Redis Labs

Redis Academy: Earlier this week we've launched the Redis Academy – an ongoing project with the goal of making Redis-related knowledge accessible to all. Our first installment is @dr_josiah's excellent book "Redis in Action", which we'll be publishing one chapter at a time in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy!

Questions?  Feedback?  Anything you want to share?  Email or tweet me – I'm highly available 🙂

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