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Issue #15
October 23rd, 2014

Editor's Note

If last week it was v3 and clusters, this week's "Twitter drama" was all about Sentinel (although HN was surprisingly silent). I've tried capturing all the tweets that were and are still being sent on the subject but their sheer volume makes impractical so /ht to all @antagonists & @protagonists 🙂

Redis Trivia: Redis is the name of an African construction company – "70% Revenue Africa"!


Stories and News

Redis vs Couchbase (5 minutes to read)

Comparing different technologies is always hard, but becayse @zahmed focuses on a specific use case (tuple storage) in this article the comparison is valuable. I do disagree, however, with his conclusions regarding the Redis scalability and high availability – there are plenty of options to cater for anyone's requirements.

A few arguments about Redis Sentinel properties and fail scenarios (15 minutes to read)

@aphyr has a knack (if not an agenda :)) for stirring things up, even by just tweeting 'OH on Redis Sentinel "They kill -9'd the master, which caused a split brain…"' and '"then the old master popped up with no data and replicated the lack of data to all the other nodes. Literally had to restore from backups."'. That generated a lot of reactions from the community that IMO demonstrated two infallible truths: 1) everyone is inherently passionate about databases and distributed systems and 2) people don't RTFM. If you're using Sentinel – make sure that you RTFP from @antirez.

Our Failures: The Tagmint Case-Study (13 minutes to read)

An honest admission of one's mistakes is not only a great catharsis, but also a good way to impart knowledge and lessons learnt. In this post mortem @risingstack is reflecting on premature optimizations, reinventing the wheel, not listening to customers… the same sins that everyone's guilty of 🙂 Favorite quote: "Go with PaaS and hosted databases. Sure, it may sound great to pay less for your own cloud machines – but think again. In that case you have to do your own deploy process, take care of backing things up and so on."

Development & Tools

twitter/twemproxy 0.4.0

#proxy #foss

The nutcracker got a version bump and a slew of improvements (moar commands, fixes…) – head over to the repo to get your copy if you're into it /ht @idning.

Simple Expiring Locks with Node & Redis

#node #howto

Kudos to @fluidbyte – after having realized documentation for this use case is lacking, he went out and created his own. Extremely useful for masters and novices alike.

Sliding window rate throttling with a tiny bit of Lua

#lua #foss

Title says it all – currently at 7 lines but can easily be reduced to 5 🙂 /by @nakhli.

The Little Go Book

#go #freebook

Another incredibly-useful addition to "The Little" series (see The Little Redis Book and The Little MongoDB Book) from the prolific @karlseguin. Karl – thank you for continuing to open our minds!


Tommaso Barbugli (@tommasobarbugli): "if you use ZCOUNT myzset -inf +inf you are doing it wrong; use ZCARD myzset ;)"

@unbit: "redis continue to amaze me, i have managed to use its pub/sub mechanism to stream audio/video to 60 peers with minimal lag"

@mekdigital: "every time I use #redis my <3 is filled with joy, thanks @antirez & co! :)"

@GianArb: "antirez.com/news/79 #redis @antirez and #redisCommunity thanks for your work!"

@iburgueno: "#redis protocol is so well thought out that adding new commands to github.com/ignacio/redis-… needs almost zero work."

@BrianBest: "I lied #redis … i love you."

@antirez: "Sentinel/Redis failure mode to document clearly: persistence disabled + master restarts + no failover performed: FLUSHALL equivalent." + "Unless you know what you are doing, when using Redis Sentinel, always turn on some form disk saving."

@chrisloy: "Had my first chance to really do something with Redis today. Must say, am impressed."

@pmgarman: "Trying out redis object caching w/@adampickering_ Insane how good code + redis makes instant speed boosts. 1st test, 25% the prev load times" <- @JS_Zao: "totally unsurprising – redis is brilliant at what it does. 🙂 good on you guys!"

@brushbox: 'I think my favourite redis command would have to be "sun ion store"' <- good one, although "pun subscribe" and "slave of no one" are my personal favorites

Redis Labs

Video: The Future of Linux is a panel discussion held at IBM Enterprise2014 with @mariadb, @zend and @RedisLabs who share their experiences from IBM's offers.

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