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Issue #14
October 16th, 2014

Editor's Note

While internets were practically clogged with Redis-related traffic after last week's Redis 3.0.0 Release Candiate 1 "no longer vaporware" announcement, there's still a lot of fresh content to get you through the weekend. Enjoy 🙂

Redis Trivia: The documentation of Redis' commands is included in the Beautiful Docs list /by @pharkmillups /ht @andygrunwald


Stories and News

Simple Testing Can Prevent Most Critical Failures: An Analysis of Production Failures in Distributed Data-Intensive Systems (still reading it)

This paper by 8 researchers from the University of Toronto attempts identify commonalities between 198 recorded failures. The failures' analysis yields several findings and in conclusion suggests a 3-pronged approach to preventing them: 1) a tool – Aspirator – that could potentially prevent similar failures by reviewing error handling in code, 2) code reviews and 3) using extended symbolic execution techniques <- lost here 🙂

Don't Get Married… (5 minutes read)

…to your cache – funny by @timrash: "I go out, I talk to people, read blogs posts. It starts as a crush from a far.  Then some documentation “stalking”. Then we finally meet.  After hanging out a couple times.  I realize Redis is the one for me. She is smart, quick on her feet, and incredibly powerful. Just what I always wanted. It’s time to make my move. It’s time to dump APC.. and of course breaking up is hard to do."

Mobile Video Big Data Architecture with Spring XD/Hadoop/HAWQ/Redis: Measuring Live Usage (15 minutes read)

A study by @abaril on the architecture that powers the bigh data mobile and media needs of a "major sports network and carrier". Several @pivotal technologies are used in it to achieve an impressive end result and Redis plays the humble part of a reports cache.

Stoic Arrays (time moves differently in this agora)

@ghalimi uses his blog to capture thoughts and stuff quite freely. This post, which is essentially the culmination the past week (check all the previous posts :)), boasts a 100-fold improvement in execution time (4ms -> 421μs) "just" by adding a custom Redis array data type and commands.

Docker Containers Performance in VMware vSphere (10 minutes to read)

A benchmark by @VMWare evaluates the performance of @Docker containers on VMSphere and uses, among other approaches, Redis as a testing approach 🙂

Why Redis beats Memcached for caching (10 minutes to read)

"Redis is moar powerful and moar flexible and usually the right choice, but Memcached still has its place." /via @infoworld. Fact: Redis Labs' Memcached Cloud service is powered by our very own Redis Cloud – you get full Memcached compatibility with a lot of Redis goodness (Multi AZ high availability, bigger data, persistence & import as well as the "evil" KEYS command)… or you can directly use Redis Cloud instead 🙂

Development & Tools

Introduction to rate limiting with Redis [Part 1]

#python #tutorial

Where there's an ache, you can count on @dr_josiah to come with the cure. This time, the treament will show how to do rate limiting for an API.

Beego, Sessions and Redis

#go #tutorial

Judging from the number of forks it has, Beego seems to be a popular framework. This tutorial by @WilliamKrause4 shows how to hook it up with Redis for session storage.

Jedis PubSub Test Class

#java #snippet

This is bound to come handy sometime – a (working? ;)) test class that uses Jedis for Publish/Subscribe business /by @wendtse.

Python Redis Queue Workers

#python #foss

Meet qw and the rationale behind it – job queue management /by @brett_langdon.


#go #foss

This package by @xiam is a Redis client that had been updated to pure Go code and is no longer dependent on CGO/hiredis.

Make LUA debugging easier in Redis

#lua #howto

If you've ever wished for an IDE while developing server-side Lua scripts for Redis, this could be just the thing (not exactly fresh content but I've been meaning to share this for a long time).

Speed up your Symfony2 application and build awesome features with Redis

#php #presentation

A great overview of Redis, how to cluster it and use it from PHP with Symfony2 by @ricardclau.


Carl Zulauf (@existensil): "Am I evangelizing redis a bit? Yes, but only because it deserves the praise." [link]

@bradoyler: "@brandonhilkert we use NodeJS + Express + redis to serve over 30m+  requests everyday on http://NBCNews.com " [link]

@khatibda: "we (dev team) officially love redis." [link]

@tjbyte: "Here's a tip, don't try and replicate your production redis clusters with vm's on an ultrabook. Everything smells of burning." [link]

@avdi: "Made-up Redis commands seems like a rich and unexploited vein." [link] <- interesting…
"It is important to follow a Redis COWPLOP command with at least one SHOVL" [link] <- what? ah, hehe.
"Remember to always NEEL before ZODD #redis" [link] <- nice, a touch of classic
"Entertain an idle Redis server with the ZORK command." [link] <- /me cracking up 🙂

@zedar185: "#Redis API is so bright and straightforward. Now #redis becomes a part of my #ratpackweb project – apigateway." [link]

@swizzard: "#TIL set "daemonize no" in your #redis conf file in #arch or systemd will just kill it over and over again for no reason" [link] <- good to know

@Prinzhorn: "@8EJ3 I did (not live anymore). Redis has transactions and persistence, nothing wrong with relying on it as a single storage if suitable." [link]

@algrison: "It's been almost 4 years already, and I'm still in love with #redis. Thank you @antirez @pnoordhuis and all the contributors." [link]

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