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Issue #13
October 9th, 2014

Editor’s Note

A relative of mine once said that everything is relative, even time. The past week had been, relatively, one the most exciting ones in quite some time with several major developments (not only in code) in the Redis cosmos. More below…

Redis Trivia: The value of n for which |cos(n)| is smaller than any previous integer is 6379 #mathporn <- tweet it!


Stories and News

Redis cluster, no longer vaporware. (13 minutes to read)

Today’s release of Redis v3.0RC1 with built-in clustering support is accompanied by @antirez‘s overview of the project’s history, the goals, current capabilities and the road ahead.

Redis Developers Day – The Redis Labs Writeup (13 minutes to read)

Last week we’ve attended the best and first ever Redis Developers Day – here’s a report of this unique experience.

A few urgent issues identified during the October 2014 dev meeting (13 minutes to read)

@antirez‘s closing tweet from the item above has been translated to issue #2045 in the Redis repository. Lots and lots of goodies in that one including: diskless replication, hybrid lists, Matt’s geocoding plugin and Lua command replication (as opposed to script replication).

But perhaps the most surprising item in that list, added only yesterday, is opt-in support for SSL. Besides overturning issue #71‘s much-debated WontFix status, having native SSL support means you won’t need to use stunnel anymore. Good thing that there are already several SSL-enabled client libraries for Redis 🙂 #SecuRedis

A Fresh Look at Rust (13 minutes to read)

After having recently completing a rewrite of his Redis client library, @mitsuhiko puts some of his Rust development experience into writing: “Rust is in your face with memory and data. It’s very much like C and C++. However unlike C and C++ it feels more like you’re programming with Python from the API point of view because of the type inference and because the API of the standard library was clearly written with programmer satisfaction in mind.”

How shrebo, The Sharing Economy Platform, Innovates with Cloud Foundry (13 minutes to read)

A case study by @adambloom about shrebo – a company that’s focused on resources who built its service on top of Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry platform and other favorite (I <3 Redis) technologies.

Sharing micro-service authentication using Nginx, Passport and Redis (13 minutes to read)

Microservices as means for building flexible, scalable and survivable (5m27s) applications have been getting a lot of attention lately. This article by @dglozic shows how to use Redis as a shared session storage that all the different tiny parts can play nicely with.

Development & Tools


#wordpress #foss

A Redis cache plugin for WordPress from krazybean and antpb.

Easy distributed locks using Redis

#ruby #howto

A straightforward implementation of a distributed lock in Ruby with Redis by @spreecommerce – for a more complete approach check out antirez’s Redlock.

HAProxy advanced Redis health check

#redis #howto

If you’re running your own highly-available and/or load-balanced Redis setup and you’re using HAProxy, this can come in handy – full Ping Pong instructions inside.


#redis #foss

The brainchild [repo] of Redis ‘Mad Scientist’ @ucntcme makes managing multiple Sentinel pods and constellations a walk in the park. Based on lessons learned in production, this baby helps getting your deployment into sHApe.


@antirez: “At @pivotal with @mattsta, hey, we designed, coded, debugged, and wrote tests for a feature in 10 min! github.com/antirez/redis/commit/165…” [link] <- that’s about 1.5% improvement in INCR performance per minute of work… nice! #TheIncredibleDuo

@lalalalinna: “#TIL Redis is a fancy way of saying a dictionary in a dictionary because obvs dictionaries are always the answer. #eventbritegirlgeekdinner” [link] <- #thingsthatIwishmymotherhadtoldme

@ehfeng: “Huh, just read a bit about redis, pretty cool.” [link] <- I totally agree so here’s a newletter all about Redis 🙂

@ryanplatte: “Doing a refactoring: Replace Database Table with Redis Cache.”

@atwong: “OMG redis-semaphore!!…  redis should be bundled in every distro, srsly” [link]

@Syfaro: “Heh, I’m looking at MONITOR in Redis and if it wasn’t for the timestamps, you couldn’t tell it was moving at all because it’s so fast :p” [link]

Redis Labs

Video: Tung Nguyen’s Redis session at Database Month NYC 2014

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