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Issue #12
October 2nd, 2014

Editor’s Note

I am, like Redis, mostly single threaded. I’m currently attending the Redis Developers Day so I’ll keep the note short ūüôā

Redis Trivia: NGC 6379 is a spiral galaxy in Hercules that should, by all accounts, be reclassified as a cluster and named Redis.


Stories and News

Redis Running Slowly? Here’s What You Can Do About it (10 minutes to read)

Redis is plenty fast but that doesn’t mean you should take its performance for granted. There are cases in which its performance is sub par whereas in others you can get more bang for your buck. In this short post I’ve collected several tips on how to diagnose and resolve common Redis performance issues.

The NoSQL Advice I Wish Someone Had Given Me (15 minutes to read)

Lots of insights in this piece by Darrel Burgan at¬†@DZone. Since NoSQL is an attempt to put a wide host of technologies into one bucket, there’s actually no consistency between the different approaches and each excels where others may fall short. I’ve always felt that, whenever possible, you should pick the right tool(s) for the job <- I <3 #polyglotpersistence and on the same subject >>

Let’s Stop Saying “NoSQL” (5 minutes to read)

>> by @softwaredoug for @o19s.

Linearizability versus Serializability (5 minutes to read, a lifetime to understand)

@pbailis¬†puts everything in order, at the very least for me, by explaining these two related but different 15-letter concepts: “Linearizability: single-operation, single-object, real-time order” and “Serializability: multi-operation, multi-object, arbitrary total order” – simple and practical.

Redesigning Our DNS Database for Low Latency (10 minutes to read)

The analysis of DNS records for uncovering malicious activity at¬†@opendns¬†requires a fast database to minimize latency.¬†@jedisct1¬†at¬†@ThinkUmbrella¬†– OpenDNS’ Labs – took a serious look at Redis for that purpose and how it can be used to provide realtime information.

Redis Cluster RC1 will be released October 7

@antirez: “Redis Cluster RC1 will be released October 7. If you are interested into using it, it’s time to join us.”

Coding & Development

Realtime App Version Notices with socket.io and Redis

#ruby & Node.js #howto

Title definitely says it all – great job @cball_.

Introduction to Redis (video, 51 minutes)

#Node.js #video

@peterkhayes gives a good and in-depth intro to Redis at the @hackreactor Thunder Talks.

rom 0.28.0

#python #foss

My favorite Redis ORM just got added with composite (multi-column) unique constaints /by @dr_josiah.

Redis HA With Redis Sentinal and VIP

#bash #howto

Getting high availability right is perhaps the holy grail of distributed computing – Jan ‘spion’ Wagner provides his recipe that doesn’t pull the configuration from Sentinal.

WP Redis 0.1

#wordpress #plugin

A WordPress object-cache plugin that uses… Redis! /by¬†@getpantheon.


#rust #foss

Congrats to¬†@mitsuhiko¬†on his “Huge update to my redis rust library (basically a rewrite). Much nicer API and quite a lot of fun to use”.


@timvw: “redis… because you want to write > 100k items/second with no effort whatsoever.. servicestack.redis + f# because life can be good ;)”¬†[link]

@glenndebacker:¬†“A rare insight of some web tech #apple uses.¬†https://gist.github.com/Blackshawk/5308087¬†#php #nodejs #emberjs #symfony2 #redis #socketio ¬†#d3 #mysql #threejs”¬†[link]

@morgantepell:¬†“Redis is, by far, my favorite data store. You can use actual data structures without having to implement them yourself.”

@francesc:¬†“Learning #redis and sending PRs fixing typos on the docs.” <- kudos! [link]

@topwobble:¬†‘”Do you run LAMP?” “I guess we run NARM…” (Node, AWS, Redis, Mongo).’ [link]

@F0lis:¬†“Damn, Redis is so slick it makes my brain hurt. And it combines beautifully with express.” [link]

@antirez:¬†“5.5 years of Redis commits in a graph:¬†twitpic.com/ec7jvd” [link]

@topwobble:¬†“Redis replication… so sexy” [link]

@benhowdle:¬†@askarby @mvindahl yah, that’s what I’ve gone with. Redis on top of Mongo.”

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