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Issue #11
September 25th, 2014

Editor’s Note

Last Monday there were at least two Redis meetups that I know of: one in Vienna and the other in Tel Aviv. Vienna’s slides give a great overview of Redis basics so I’m confident that it went well. The #RedisTLV meetup went extremely well and at the end of my extremely long and boring talk (42 slides :)) about Redis Indexes/Indices (I’m indecisive sometimes) there were actually a few people with enough energy to discuss it! I guess I’ll have to do better next time.

Next week is expected to be a @Pivotal (;)) week for Redis, with at least two major events that will shake the community: the release of v3.0RC1 and Redis Developers Day – I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to start the next Redis Watch issue 😉

Redis Trivia: according to the Hebrew calender, the year 6379 is only 605 years away!

Have a great year no matter your calenderical choices,

Stories and News

Redis is more than a key-value cache (10 minutes to read)

Clowdy’s @FlaviusMester shows how he gave the royal treatment to home feeds with Redis’ (sorted) sets instead of SQL queries and JOINs. Result: faster 🙂

Redis 2.8.17 is out (a minute to read)

Fixes a single bug in Sentinel.

Consistency without consensus in production systems (video, 41 minutes)

@peterbourgon‘s talk at the recent @Strangeloop_stl event is about distributed programming, or “1980s -> RPC, 1990s -> CORBA, 2000 -> CAP” 🙂 After a couple of new acronyms (CALM, ACID 2.0), Peter talks about CRDT (Conflict-free Replicated Data Type) and moving from “fan on write” to “fan on read”. The remainder of the talk is how this is implemented in Redis with the Roshi project (github.com/soundcloud/roshi) from @SoundCloud.

CRDTs: Distributed Semilattice (15 mintues and I think I get some of it, YMMV though)

Continuing the above, this post from @josephmoniz takes the next (obvious?!?) step and explains how to implement some interesting counters in scala.

Using Redis and BloomFilters to fail fast (video, 90 minutes)

I’ve been waiting for this ever since @chriscurtin had annouced his upcoming talk at @AtlantaJug. Couldn’t make it to the meeting itself (me not having the required geographical skill-set), but watching the video is next best. The first part of the video are fun to watch, but if you are already familiar with Redis you can jump directly to the 40 minutes mark to dive into BloomFilters and how to fail fast. Quotable quote: “for the cost of an Oracle Enterprise license”.

Optimizing Redis Storage (15 minutes to read)

Redis is used by @Groupon as a shared external storage for processing real time data streams. In this piece, @drbobbeaty shares how the refactoring of data had “optimized” the amount of memory consumed by it – from 96GB to 9GB… Valuable lessons can be learned the hard way, or by reading the documentation: http://redis.io/topics/memory-optimization.

Coding & Development

Finding trending things in Elasticsearch using python and redis

#python #howto

Vincent is finding trending things (that’s the actual url :)) to show real time widgets. He explains how to use a rolling zscore to quantify trends and manage the data in Redis.

Realtime App Using Laravel + NodeJs + AngularJS + Redis

#Node.js #howto

Don’t let the long title fool you, @kodeinfo has put together an equally impressive walkthrough that takes you from scratch to having an application up and running.


#C#/.NET #foss

Question: what could be more fun then working with Redis? Answer: doing it in a game 🙂 I guess this is exactly what went through @giodegas mind when he created this Redis client that can run in an OpenSim server. According to the author, this is a part of his work “on a big time show for the night of 26 in L’Aquila, #SHARPER #univaq” [link] <- I’m dying to see/hear/read/run/play/enjoy the final result!


#python #foss

A Python cluster client that states compliance to the v3.0 spec by @GrokZen.


@benjaminbramley: “The more I use redis the more I love it” [link]

@jMoTweet5: “The best tool for the job…for example…Redis”: [link] via @puppetlabs @ipcommerce

@antirez: “I’m doing just Redis Cluster testing activities, unless something huge is found, we’ll have 3.0.0 RC1 released before the end of this month.” [link]

@sascha242: “Woha, Redis Pipelining is teh awesome!” <- @brauseonkel: “@sascha242 so is 833r pipelining! http://spon.de/aekAx ;)” <- LOL [link]

“I got ruby which is my birthstone. Redis my favorite colour.” [WARNING: Facebook link] <- LMFO

@serverascode: “am using ansible fact caching (via redis) today, good stuff” [link]

@iamdevloper: “I love Redis”, “I  love Redis”, “Damn cached tweets.” [link link link] <- ROFL

Redis Labs

In The Media: @DZone’s guide to Big Data features Redis Labs

Press Release: Redis Labs  Reaches 3,000 Paying Customers with Explosive Fifty Percent Growth over Four Months <- thanks to all our amazing users! Thanks also goes to @mjasay from @RWW (NoSQL Databases Are Going Mainstream—They Actually Have Paying Customers) and @jasonverge from @datacenter (Redis Labs: We Have 3,000 Paying Cloud In-Memory NoSQL Customers) for doing such excellent writeups!

Event: Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Questions?  Feedback?  Anything you want to share?  Email or tweet me – I’m highly available 🙂

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