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Issue #10
September 18th, 2014

Editor’s Note

Publishing this newsletter is a labor of love and today we’re celebrating the 10th edition. That’s the first edition with a two-digit number! The number 10 has many other interesting properties but I’ll not fall into that – instead, here’s the weekly dose.

Redis Trivia: when in Yekaterinburg, Russia, why not drop by the Redis Cafe? (suggested location for Redis Developers Day 2015)



Trying to Hack Redis via HTTP Requests

When it comes to security, Redis isn’t exactly a hacker’s first choice. It is usually deployed behind proxies and application servers so having direct access to it is less likely. But what happens if someone let’s you speak HTTP to a Redis server? How much damage can you do? That is exactly what @Agarri_FR tried finding out with impressive results.

Redis 2.8.15 is out Redis 2.8.16 is out

A HIGH urgency upgrade for Sentinel and a bunch of LOW priority fixes to Redis, including better truncated AOF handling and SCAN latency limit during rehashing. A HIGH urgency AOF fix for anyone who was fast enough to upgrade v2.8.15.

Refactoring for performance

The folks at @kickstarter proudly unvail how they were able to boost their website’s performance and shave ~60ms off the their loading time (and smooth spikes in their monitoring systems’ graphs). Main takeaway: a Redis get is faster than a MySQL join 🙂

5 Key Takeaways for Developing with Redis

My fetish with for number 5 is seemingly unending (it is, after all, 10 / 2), but besides being a great click-bait I find that “Top 5”-style articles really help in focusing the mind and getting a specific perspective. This time, based on back-and-forth with developers who use Redis, the list highlights the most-important-to-know-but-perhaps-less-obvious facts that you (or is it I?) need to be aware of.

Coding & Development


#node.js #foss

Rejoice Node.JS developers – you can now transpile JS functions and have them run natively in Redis’ Lua parser (let me know if you come up with one good reason to do that though) /by @periping.


#python #foss

A small Python wrapper that knows how to serialize (and deserialize) Python lists and dicts /by @EvandroLG.

Redis 2.8.15 OpenShift Cartridge

#redis #openshift

At the heels of the open source’s release is @gerardogc2378‘s update to his OpenShift cartridge that allows easy deployment of Redis on the platform. Reminder: if you prefer a fully-managed solution, Redis Cloud is also available from the @OpenShift marketplace.


#java #foss

This library by @yusufaytas combines different caching approaches (heap, concurrent heap, off heap & versioned off heap) and backends (Redis & Memcached).


#node.js #foss

A wrapper for Redis cluster connectivity.


#ruby #foss

RESP is so easy to work with that you can actually write a client in less than 30 LoC. Why: because you don’t always need to require a full blown gem /by @keymone.


#ruby #foss

A gem by Jean Boussier from @Shopify that inspects Redis databases and prints intelligent statistics about the keys – it “magically” identifies keyname patterns so you get a nice printout telling you how many keys like `foo:*:bar` you have, their type and expiration percentage. Neat.

Lua scripts in Redis within Node.js

#node.js #howto

The exploits of @Screen6HQ team are told in full detail in this post that describes how they moved a part of their application’s logic from Node.js into Redis.


@hc_mty: “I don’t know how… I don’t know why… But I feel I need to use redis. #Redis” [link]

@ktheory: “When the homepage loads 100ms faster thanks to Redis. http://giphy.com/gifs/WKdPOVCG5LPaM [link]

@d1ffuz0r: “2 old useless android phones were successfully turned to rabbitmq and redis development servers, lel” [link]

@gshutler: “Going to be leaning on redis.io again to solve some tricky problems. Such a useful piece of infrastructure.” [link]

@poteland: “The fact that Redis strings are binary-safe saves me a hell of a lot of headaches, I never cease to be amazed by how great Redis is.” [link]

@jedisct1: “Using Redis to keep track of all the DNS records we observe over 24 hours? 33.6 million records, only 14.12G memory, fast as hell.” [link]

@pchapuis: “@jedisct1 SCAN (redis.io/commands/scan) is not a crime. Your KEYS * kind of is :)” [link]

@jordanshane: “Wow….playing with Redis Pub/Sub. Its amazing and so simple to setup.” [link]

@peterprins_: “Redis and I again kept the application super fast. #superheroes.” [link]

@b_antunes: “thank you, Redis, for being awesome” [link]

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