Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise VPC

Fully managed database-as-a-service in your virtual private cloud within major public clouds.

VPC Managed
Redis Enterprise VPC
VPC Managed
Low throughput scenarios ( >3k ops/sec) 1 Redis on Flash - 0.85X X
High throughput scenarios ( >50k ops/sec) 2 Redis on RAM - 0.19X X
Consistent reads & write latency <1 ms 100 ms
Inconsistent reads & write latency <1 ms 10 ms
Needs a caching layer No Yes, DAX is needed
SLA 99.99% 99.99%
Topologies available Active-Active and Active-Passive Active-Active and Active-Passive
WAN latencies for reads and writes No Yes
Consistency across regions CRDT-based, strong eventual consistency, low local latency Eventual consistency or strong consistency, high WAN latency
On demand backups Yes Yes
Point in time restore Yes No
Vendor lock-in Open source Proprietary software
Data model Versatile data structures and modules including key-value, JSON, Search, ML, Hash tables, Sets, Lists, Sorted Sets, Bitmaps, Geo and more Key-value, simple table and JSON only
Maximum record size 512 MB max for both key and value, data structures with multiple fields can be unlimited in size 400 KB
Client support 80+ clients in 48 languages 11 clients
Framework support 40+ 1 (Beanstalk)
Embedded analytics Built-in commands associated with data structures None
External analytics ODBC/JDBC connector None
Search & Indexing Text, geo and numeric search and indexing capability Indexing with minimal query support
Community/Talent pool Worldwide, tens of thousands of developer contributors Few
Encryption of data at rest Yes No
SSL support Yes Yes
Clouds AWS; GCP; Azure; IBM SoftLayer AWS only
Regions All regions in above clouds AWS only
Hybrid - software & service Yes No
Platforms-as-a-Service Heroku; IBM BlueMix; Azure Store; CloudFoundry; OpenShift; dotCloud; AppFog; AppHarbor; None

1 Based on a 50 GB dataset | 2 Based on 100GB dataset

Key Differentiators

Redis Enterprise is more full-featured and higher performance than DynamoDB. Depending on your performance requirements, Redis Enterprise is also more cost-effective. For scenarios >10GB, and throughput >4000 ops/second, Redis on Flash in Redis Enterprise is more cost-effective than DynamoDB. As your throughput requirements increase and latency requirements reduces, the cost-savings with Redis Enterprise (RAM or Flash) could rise to be as high as 50-90%. Add-in the superior capabilities of Redis Enterprise, such as built-in data structures, embedded analytics, search, JSON and bloom filter modules, and there is no comparison left at all. Redis Enterprise’s unique approach to Active-active geographically distributed availability using CRDTs, assures that even with shared, geo-distributed datasets, you still get the same low latencies with superior high availability and no quorum requirements.