Redis Enterprise

The Fastest Graph Database with the Smallest Storage Footprint

Bringing your modern applications to life with connected data

Build intelligent applications with real-time graph representation of your data for fraud prevention, impact analysis, real-time recommendations and more.

Make data relationships first class citizens with RedisGraph. Analyze and connect millions of distributed data points in real time and deliver contextual content to your customers.

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Blazing fast processing time

Process complex transactions rapidly in real time 10 – 600 times faster than any other Graph database

Lower Cost of Ownership

Lower cost of ownership

Cut storage costs by 50 – 60% with optimized graph representation of your big data


Multi-model data platform

Manage all your data in the most popular data platform, simplifying development and easing operations

How it works

Deliver the fastest and the most efficient way to store, manage and process graphs by representing connected data as sparse adjacency matrices, powered by GraphBLAS

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Sparse adjacency matrices

Use applicable matrices with non-zero values, reducing the amount of memory required to store large graphs of connected data.

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Sparse Adjacency Matrices



Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS), an open effort that provides standardized building blocks of graph algorithms, optimizes and simplifies computation of many different graph queries.

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Cypher Query

RedisGraph implements the popular Cypher Query Language to automatically translate queries into linear algebraic expressions.

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Cypher Query

Built for developers, with enterprise-grade operational controls

Supported by a vibrant developer community of hundreds of thousands of Redis users, RedisGraph is built for the enterprise to support mission-critical workloads.

Blazing fast processing time


Support the most demanding applications requiring sub-millisecond response with record-setting performance at linear scale

Ease of Use

Ease of use

Simplify application development by selecting the right Redis data structure and native commands to solve your domain problem



Ensure data reliability with mutliple persistence options and tunable durability and consistency


Cross-geo replication*

Guarantee data consistency and local latency across distributed data centers and application workloads


Fail-safe high availability

Automatically detects failures, scale with zero downtime, diskless replication and instant failover across distributed datacenters



Protect your data with encryption in transit and rest, fine-grained access controls and multi-level authentication



Scale-in, scale-out, and scale-up to meet fluctuating application demands automatically

RAM to Flash

Extend RAM to Flash*

Use Flash as a memory extender and save on infrastructure costs without compromise to performance

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Compare the data loading and query performance of RedisGraph with TigerGraph, Neo4j, Amazon Neptune, JanusGraph, and ArangoDB in this latest benchmark report

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