Redis Enterprise for Retail

Trusted by 4 of the top 7 retail companies

Retail industry applications require lightning-fast data to fuel highly personalized, transformative digital experiences.

The most successful retail e-commerce environments include a range of high-performance capabilities that make it easy for consumers to quickly find what they are looking for, including:

  • Catalog searches and recommendations
  • Shopping carts and wish lists
  • Customer loyalty tracking and promotions
  • Customer service interactions.

These applications are often composed of loosely coupled microservices, which require very high throughput with sub-millisecond latencies. They need to scale easily to manage increasing data volumes across user sessions, authentications, payments, notifications, order tracking, and more. Modern retailers rely on Redis Enterprise to deliver extreme application responsiveness and an engaging customer experience.

Redis Enterprise recognized as a NoSQL leader

Forrester Research cited Redis Labs, home of Redis, as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Big Data NoSQL, Q1 2019

NoSQL has become critical for retail companies to support instant customer experiences. Modern retail applications built with microservices architectures depend on real-time data and require databases and caching systems that can be deployed on multiple clouds, on-premises, or in a hybrid architecture and in a geo-distributed manner. According to Forrester, half of global data and  technology decision makers either have implemented or are implementing flexible NoSQL platforms, such as Redis Enterprise offered by Redis Labs.

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Redis Enterprise, the first and only true multi-model database

Retail companies struggle to handle the high-throughput, low-latency requirements of their wide-ranging e-commerce services with traditional databases that are too expensive, too complex, and too difficult to scale. Redis Enterprise, on the other hand, is an elegant multi-model database for heterogeneous data that breaks down data silos, simplifies operations, and enables real-time analytics for modern applications. It empowers developers with great flexibility and rapid response times, while bringing all data models together into a unified platform.

Redis Enterprise delivers predictable sub-millisecond performance for large volumes of structured, unstructured or semi-structured—and constantly changing—data, scaling easily to millions of operations per second.

Redis Enterprise use cases for retail

Personalization and recommendations

The competitive world of retail thrives on shopping experiences customized to user activity and anticipated user behavior. Redis data structures offer incredible flexibility and speed in processing millions of data points and characteristics such as preferences and location. By managing user sessions with Redis, retailers can ensure each customer is presented with the right personalized offers, pricing, and recommendations.

Customer engagement and messaging

Retail web sites require extreme responsiveness and versatility in order to allow customers to share their purchases, ratings, and opinions, and follow influencers. Redis Enterprise supports these high-volume customer engagement demands by handling complex social and messaging functionality with simplicity and low overhead at sub-millisecond latencies.

High-speed transactions

The retail industry relies on instantaneous transactions to drive continued customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Redis powers <1ms customer operations—such as presenting and accepting personalized deals, prices, and offers —with minimal hardware resources even at scale.

Caching recent views and purchases

Caching is often the smartest way for online retailers to deliver instant experiences with minimal resources and overhead. Redis is the best choice for caching due to its lean footprint, immediate time-to-value, and blazing-fast response times. The platform’s data structure variety and customizable expiration, eviction, intelligent caching, request pipelining, and data persistence features ensure a highly available cache that protects your user experience.

Real-time analytics

Cutting-edge retail applications need a real-time understanding of each user in order to match customers with their ideal offers. Unprecedented analytic speeds make Redis a popular choice to implement session and bid analysis, behavior-based recommendations, location-based offers, top trending items, and spot promotions that encourage upsell and cross-sell.