Redis Enterprise Database for Media and Entertainment

Trusted by leading media and entertainment companies

Delightful, instant experiences are at the heart of the best media and entertainment apps—and they require impeccable database performance.

Media and entertainment companies looking to gain competitive advantage must create unique and dynamic digital experiences that drive both customer acquisition and retention. Any downtime directly impacts both revenue and the customer experience, making your database’s scalability, availability, and performance mission-critical.

These market pressures require your apps to remain highly responsive even during peak traffic periods. Meanwhile, it’s crucial to cost-effectively deliver this top-notch performance without slowing time-to-market for new ideas and products. Redis provides cutting-edge media and entertainment companies with the most scalable and highly available database for content-heavy applications.

Redis Enterprise database recognized as a NoSQL leader

Forrester Research cited Redis Labs, home of Redis, as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Big Data NoSQL, Q1 2019

NoSQL has become critical for media and entertainment companies to support responsive content-heavy customer experiences. Modern media and entertainment applications require hassle-free, flexible, highly available databases that can be deployed on multiple clouds, on-premises, or in a hybrid architecture. 

According to Forrester, half of global data and analytics technology decision makers either have implemented or are implementing flexible NoSQL platforms, such as Redis Enterprise offered by Redis Labs.

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Redis Enterprise, the first and only true multi-model database

Media and entertainment applications need the impeccable performance and versatility of Redis to deliver compelling, content-heavy customer experiences. That’s why Redis Enterprise is the database of choice for these industries, supporting highly personalized interactions, content caching, user session management, scoring, ranking, leaderboards, social engagement, messaging, notifications, real-time analytics, and high-speed transactions.

Redis Enterprise is an elegant multi-model database that offers extreme efficiency in delivering engaging experiences at scale with minimal resource consumption. It does this by increasing your application’s availability and substantially simplifying the process of scaling deployments in a range of cloud and on-premises environments. The unified platform delivers predictable sub-millisecond performance for large volumes of structured, unstructured, or semi-structured—and constantly changing—data, scaling easily to millions of operations per second.

Redis Enterprise use cases for media and entertainment

Personalized targeting

Unique Redis data structures such as Geospatial, Hashes, Sorted Sets, and its Pub/Sub capability enable incredible flexibility in processing user data and characteristics like preferences or locations, which lets companies present customers with the right content, advertisements, and recommendations.

Social functionality

Redis is not only adept at powering social conversations, ratings, followers, and chats, it is also incredibly powerful for generating instantaneous analytics such as scores, ranks, and leaderboards, letting companies leverage gamification to drive user engagement.

High-speed transactions

Media purchases, content downloads, account authentications, and other transactions in the media and entertainment industry require the impressive performance of Redis Enterprise, as well as the consistency and durability controls provided by Redis Enterprise.

Real-time analytics

Redis powers real-time session analysis, behavior-based recommendations, location-based offers, top-trending items, and spot promotions to encourage up-sell and cross-sell. Redis on Flash enables cost-effective real-time analytics with even very large data sets.

Machine learning

The RedisAI module supports production deployments of sophisticated AI models for collaborative filtering or behavior-based classification and targeting in real time—at substantial infrastructure cost savings.

Content caching

Caching is often the smartest way for media and entertainment providers to serve graphics, pictures, thumbnails, music, labels, metadata, tags, and more at lightning speeds. Redis’ built-in caching features, including key expiry, keyspace notifications, and more, enable extreme responsiveness with minimal overhead compared to expensive disk-based relational databases.