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50M ops/sec @ 1msec Latency with only 26 EC2 Nodes

When you need to deploy an application globally, Redis Enterprise with Active-Active has you covered.

Gain local latencies for global applications

Simplify development of apps that rely on distributed datasets

Why You Need Active-Active Databases

Gain higher availability with intelligent, cross-geo syncs

Redis CRDTs (conflict-free replicated data type) use bidirectional replication between Redis databases distributed across multiple data centers to remote geographies. 

Easy to implement, application developers can simply continue coding their applications against well-known Redis data types and commands. Redis CRDTs do all the heavy lifting by intelligently resolving conflicts in accordance with the data types and commands used by the applications.

CRDT Based Active-Active Redis Enterprise

  • Guaranteed local latencies for both read and write operations, utilizing consensus free protocols to maintain consistency
  • Strong eventual consistency delivers converging consistent views of the data, effortlessly
  • Built-in conflict resolution for simple and complex data types that simplifies app development and global deployment
  • Streamlined implementation of modern application scenarios such as distributed session management, distributed counters, multi-user metering, and many more
  • Safer cross-geo failover, with automatic, intelligent sync between active databases that avoids incorrect overwrites and loss of state

With CRDT, Redis Enterprise delivers:

  • Maintain uninterrupted user experience with seamless migration of user sessions across data centers
  • Ensure high availability globally in read and write scenarios
  • Share common datasets across your loosely coupled microservices for a consistent view of your data
  • Effortlessly distribute load to handle the high volume of incoming transactions and data streams
  • Rapidly consolidate and merge simultaneous events in geographically distributed applications

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