Redis Enterprise Software - Operations and Administration Guide

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0.99.5-11 – January 5, 2015

New features

Initial release, everything is new!


Initial release, no changes!

Fixed issues


Known issues

  • Issue: When taking a node offline or removing a node, if the node being taken offline or removed is currently serving as the web server for the web browser being used to view the management UI, the management UI appears down while the node is down.
    Workaround: If you are using the cluster name in order to connect to the management UI in the browser, and the cluster name is registered in your external DNS or you are using the mDNS option, then the DNS entries will be updated to point to another node in the cluster after a few seconds and the UI will open properly. If you are not using the cluster name but rather the node IP in order to connect to the management UI in the web browser, you have to use the IP of another node in the cluster to access the management UI.