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A guide to Redise Pack installation, operation and administration

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System architecture

Redise Pack (RP) is a container for running multiple Redis databases in a highly available and scalable manner, while ensuring top performance.

The cluster is made up of one or more nodes that work together. At any point in time, one of the nodes is defined as the cluster master node which is in charge of making cross-node cluster-level decisions. Such decisions include cluster health-related decisions, migration of shards across nodes, provisioning and de-provisioning requests, and fetching cluster statistics.

Note: The cluster ‘master’ role refers to the node on which the cluster manager entity is now managing the entire cluster, and is completely different from the ‘master’ role associated with a Redis deployment.

Note: In RP, Memcached databases are implemented as Redis instances, as described below, and are exposed as Memcached by using protocol translation at the proxy level.

The following figure illustrates the major components of the REP architecture

The following sections explain the major components and concepts of the REP architecture.